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Date: 12th May 2023

Introducing AR and VR to Your School With Ease

We’re big believers in the power of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology here at Lumination and we have seen firsthand what this tech can do for students in the classroom. But how do we get from this conceptual idea of VR and AR in education to something more practical? How can we implement VR and AR easily into the curriculum and classrooms?

This is where the Lumination Learning Lab comes in. Let’s explore what a Lab is, what it’s all about and how you can benefit from it at your own school.

Understanding a Lumination Learning Lab

A Lumination Learning Lab is an automated, multi-purpose and immersive smart classroom supporting students and schools in achieving exceptional results using immersive learning. The Lab is designed to transform a physical space into an opportunity for AR and VR learning, collaboration and engagement. To achieve this, we combine software and technology, giving students the tools they need to get the most out of this immersive space.

When it comes to implementation, you’re not alone. Our Operations and Technical teams work with you to identify where the Lab will go in your school, and lead the design, construction and fit out.

On the software side of things, we have LeadMe. Our bespoke application puts teachers in control of the Lab, enabling them to launch VR experiences and create learning environments inside a classroom with the touch of the button.

Using LeadMe, teachers can easily manage the technology inside the Lab. This includes lights and window blinds for ambient control over the learning environment, as well as screen configurations and other important inputs.

When your Lab is ready, you are fully supported by our Education team of teachers with decades of classroom experience, our Technical team and will get access to onboarding, training and personal development resources.

The Components of the Lumination Learning Lab

What exactly goes into the Lumination Learning Lab? What technology helps you bring AR and VR into your education space? Let’s take a look.

You can gain further insight by taking a virtual tour of a recent Lab installation at Underdale High School in Adelaide. Let’s break it down:

1. LeadMe: Developed by the team at Lumination, the LeadMe software enables teachers to use a Lumination Learning Lab from one tablet. With an easy-to-use interface teachers can automate their Lab to fast-track learning, offering complete autonomy in the Lab to create the optimal space for immersive learning. Set up projectors; control lights, blinds, ring lights, screen configurations and launch VR experiences all from LeadMe.

Using LeadMe, teachers can select different modes for learning.

  • Classroom Mode: Turns the Lab into a flexible classroom environment for a variety of use cases, like station-based learning using augmented reality. Utilise the projectors as presentation or media displays.
  • Virtual Reality Mode: Sets the stage for immersive virtual reality (VR) learning, allowing students and teachers to collaborate and engage with VR experiences. Watch the transformation.
  • Presentation Mode: Transforms the Lab into a presentation space that displays content on screens to facilitate group interaction.

2. VR Headsets, Controllers and Stands – The VR Headsets give teachers and students access to experiences linked directly to all subjects within the curriculum.

VR Headsets are worn over the head, and handheld controllers are secured with straps, allowing the user to interact with and experience new digital worlds.

The portable VR Headset Stands securely hold the headsets in place while you wait to begin the immersive learning. When not in use, the stands can be moved and placed in the storage unit.

3. Projector Screens – The projector screens have a number of uses inside a Lumination Learning Lab.

  • In VR Mode, the screens allow you to view what is happening inside an experience seen by the user wearing the VR Headset. Students and teachers can collaborate with those inside the experience.
  • In Presentation Mode, content can be viewed on one or more screens through wireless casting from a computer or device. This is great for presentations and group learning.

4. LED Rings – The rings keep students safe inside the experience. When a student moves close to the edge of the ring, a digital red fencing will appear inside the headset to show them the limits of the space.

5. Blackout Blinds – Powered by LeadMe, the curtains and blinds inside a Lumination Learning Lab can be opened and closed at the touch of a button.

  • During VR Mode and Presentation Mode, the blockout curtains and blinds ensure the space remains dark to enhance the experience for students and teachers.
  • During Classroom Mode, the curtains and blinds open, allowing in light so the space can be used for AR, traditional teaching and learning.

6. Storage Space – Use the secure storage unit to store, charge and keep the immersive technology safe.

Setting up the space is quick, as the immersive technology is labelled for easy use. In moments, you can transfer between modes and set up equipment to be ready for immersive learning.

7. Collaboration Space – The collaboration space is a physical area used for station-based learning Lab.

Learning stations are physical areas where students move from station to station while working on a variety of set activities and/or materials in small groups.
Stations can provide time for practice, preview, review, collaboration, choice work time and small group or individual teacher time.

8. Education Kits/Immersive Learning Tools – Immersive Learning Kits expand learning opportunities for students inside a Lab through augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (XR) technology. Kits are used as part of the station-based learning in the collaboration space.

Ongoing Support and Professional Development

When done right, AR and VR are not solutions that you purchase, implement and then forget about. Instead, with the partnership of our team, you’ll use these tools consistently throughout the curriculum to empower your students with the skills they need for future careers.

This is why each school with a Lumination Learning Lab benefits from our additional services:

  • 12 month Education support program (with opportunity to extend)
  • IT and Education Onboarding
  • Licenses to Steam Experiences
  • Access to the Lumination Education Centre

As part of our work on the Lumination Learning Lab and the LeadMe software, we have been thinking a lot about how these solutions can and will be used in practice. Training and development play a big part in this, so we assign you a Learning Designer to walk your team through how to use the technology in the Lab and incorporate it into the curriculum.

We also provide access to the Lumination Education Centre, giving you lesson plans and learning resources as part of our ongoing support service. The idea is to empower teachers to use VR and AR across the curriculum as an integral part of future-focused learning.

Get Started on Your VR and AR Journey

Ready to incorporate AR and VR into the classroom? Want to learn more about what our solutions can help you achieve with your students? Browse our case studies to see the Labs in action or reach out to our team today to discover more.

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