Creation Accessories Bundle

VR and AR content

Provide students with the tools to create VR experiences and unleash higher order thinking skills. With Ricoh Theta SC2 360 cameras, Gizomos Flexible Tripods, and Merge Cubes, this expansion bundle works with the VR/AR Education Kit to ensure all students have the opportunity to craft and create their own Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content.

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interactive content

The Merge Cube allows students to project 3D models they can hold and interact with in the palm of their hand, whilst the 360 camera and tripod are the perfect combo for capturing 360 environments.

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Lumination Goolwa
Lumination Creation Accessories Bundle (15)
15 Kit

15 Ricoh Theta SC2 360 Cameras
15 Gizomos Flexible Tripods
15 Merge Cubes
2 Multi-Port Chargers
15 Protective Sleeves
1 Pelican Case with SafeStore

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Lumination Creation Accessories Bundle (30 Kit)
30 Kit

30 Ricoh Theta SC2 360 Cameras
30 Gizomos Flexible Tripods
30 Merge Cubes
3 Multi-Port Chargers
30 Protective Sleeves
1 Pelican Case with SafeStor

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Lumination Creation Accessories Bundle (5 Kit)
Creation Mini - 5 Kit

5 Ricoh Theta SC2 360 Cameras
5 Gizomos Flexible Tripods
5 Merge Cubes
1 Multi-Port Chargers
5 Protective Sleeves
1 Pelican Case with SafeStore

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Compatible Applications

Students can build tours using the 360 footage they capture, or view 3D models they’ve built in Augmented Reality using the Merge Cubes.


Use CoSpaces Edu across all age-levels, subject areas and multiple devices. main-wow icon. Bring the Wow! into the classroom.

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Lumination Industry Education

Explore amazing interactive 360 worlds and experiences with SITU360. Fly over cities, tour the world and take your own path through interactive experiences.

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Lumination Product Lumination Learning Labs

VORTALS is the world’s only AR, VR and game design platform designed to increase engagement and improve educational outcomes.

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Lumination Vr Education

Create Magic In Your Classroom. Thousands of teachers and students are creating AR in their classrooms.

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Lumination Industry Education

Build real-time 3D projects for various industries across games, animation, automotive, architecture, and more.

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Lumination Vr Education

Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-use web app that equips the next generation of designers and engineers with the foundational skills for innovation: 3D design, electronics, and coding!

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Custom Print
your school logo!

Our SafeStore team use cutting edge UV and laser printing technology to print high resolution quality, colour logos and emblems onto kit components such as student VR headsets.

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