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Our Lumination Learning Labs are state-of-the-art, fully flexible, multi-purpose smart classrooms which can be transformed into a variety of learning environments. Now you can guide students, employees and the workforce through Virtual Reality and digital learning with ease.

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Key Features

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Effortless integration

Working with a Lumination Learning Lab the LeadMe Labs application allows users to fully control the experience.

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Automated controls

Set the scene with room automation for lighting, AV equipment and blinds.

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Group experiences

Seamlessly launch VR experiences for all learners, directly from the app.

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Tailored learning

Launch VR programs on each headset individually or simultaneously differentiating the experience for individual learners.

Effective facilitation

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A teacher, a leader or a facilitator can launch the same VR experience for all learners or select unique experiences for each.


Monitor usage and receive immediate notifications to keep everyone on track.


Manage classrooms and teams, of all sizes, easily; start, restart and shutdown.


Close and shutdown sessions then quickly reset so learners are ready for their next activity.

Control the experience

Our clients are integrating the LeadMe Labs application within their Lumination Learning Labs to fully control the experience. Teachers, leaders and facilitators start, restart and shutdown the experience all through the use of the LeadMe Lab application. They set the scene with room automation for lighting, AV equipment and blinds and launch VR experiences for all learners, directly from the app.

LeadMe Labs

Become a pioneer in the application of XR immersive technologies; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR).

Excited to get started? Speak to our team of experts to incorporate this solution into your Lumination Learning Lab.

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Guided learning

Teachers, leaders or facilitators control the Lumination Learning Lab from one place with an easy-to-use interface and can automate their Lab to fast-track learning.

Simple to use

LeadMe Labs supports teachers, leaders and learning facilitators to easily start, restart, and end a Virtual Reality session with ease. Users can list and launch available virtual reality applications and support learning outcomes.

User led

The teacher, leader or facilitator has full control and can monitor each Virtual Reality station; open websites directly from a tablet connected to the stations, control station actions and be notified when a workstation is not responding.


Fully-supported by our education team plus technical teams for all digital support.