Glass of the Future

Task Summary

Glass is an imperative part of our everyday lives. But, what if we could enhance its use through technology?

Students will create and design an invention or an innovation on an existing product  using glass technology after viewing different future uses of glass. They will create their prototypes using Tinkercad and CoSpaces.

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  • Students are expected to:
    • Have some background in viewing YouTube videos in VR on the HHVR headsets.
    • Have background experience in creating content using CoSpaces and TinkerCad.
  • Teachers should make sure that:
    • Devices are charged.
    • Students are able to access YouTube videos.
    • Students are divided into pairs or groups depending on how many devices are available.
    • Slide deck has been checked and the teacher has enabled the deck’s accessibility so students can access them.
    • A copy of the Student Digital Notebook has been distributed to students and they have downloaded/made a copy for themselves.

Learning Sequence

1. Introduction
  • Introduce the following concepts through a class discussion:
    • Simple ideas can sometimes be quite complex; and
    • We can use everyday objects to build on and innovate with.
  • Ask students to list where we would find glass in our everyday lives in their Student Digital Notebook. What are the different ways we use glass?
2. Development
  • Continue this brainstorming as students view the following AR experiences on the mobile devices:
  • Students can take notes from their AR experiences by completing a Connect-Extend-Challenge.
  • Watch A Day Made of Glass 2 (5:58) video. After viewing the video, ask students to complete the see part of the see-think-wonder. Give students time to complete the Think-Wonder part after the video.
  • Direct students to choose five (5) glass items from their list and ask them to think-pair-share about how each chosen glass item might be adapted in the future in conjunction with technology. What ideas might they have? Encourage creativity and out of the box thinking!
  • Ask students to begin brainstorming in pairs/groups of three. Ask questions such as:
    • What could they invent/adapt with glass technology?
    • How could they use glass technology in a new way?
  • Direct students to the websites provided on their slide deck for more information on different ways glass is being used in technology to help with their designs and ideas.
  • Students are to create a prototype of their design/idea in Tinkercad and CoSpaces. They may create a narrative around someone using the invention in CoSpaces.
3. Conclusion
  • Ask students to share their designs in CoSpaces by displaying the QR codes on their screens. Students may view each other’s inventions and CoSpaces through their handheld virtual reality (HHVR) headsets.

Download the PDF for more information.

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