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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

We partnered with Digital Technologies for Learning Consultant, JJ Purton Jones to implement Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Education Kits across primary and high schools in the Catholic Diocese of Lismore.

The Catholic Schools Office released a three-year digital technologies strategy looking at emerging technologies and increasing students’ understanding with a specific focus on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

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VR/AR Education Kits

JJ Purton Jones needed a VR experience that worked for teachers in the classroom, one that students could adopt easily, and linked to the curriculum. The solution was our VR/AR Education Kits.

The Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Lismore now has a loan library where teachers can borrow, try and then integrate immersive technologies into their own classrooms.

Education Kits
Lumination Vr Ar Education 30 Kit

Key Outcomes

Integration of immersive technology into schools with devices that were uncomplicated to manage, quick to charge and easy to store;

Access to pre-existing content, easy for teachers to guide students with ability to future-proof through the addition of ongoing content;

A standalone educational solution not requiring integration into the school network.

Teacher Adoption

Teachers had time to explore the applications and experiences, to discuss curriculum links and plan for VR integration into their programs.

From visiting Ancient Rome to seeing the Seven Wonders of the World, teachers have loved the immersive experiences.

‘VR is exceptional, it opens up so many different opportunities to our kids. It opens up a world that they don’t normally get to see and experience and no textbook can actually take them on that journey.’
Rebecca Green, HSIE Teacher, St Joseph’s College, Banora Point

Lumination Goolwa

Student Adoption

Students have the ability to empathise with other situations and other people. By using Virtual Reality, they’re able to experience different worlds, put themselves into different scenes, support a Design Thinking process and use technology to solve problems.

‘It’s very different from reading a textbook – you get to visualise it better and understand what it is you’re learning and talking about easier.’
Liam, Year 7 Student, St Joseph’s College, Banora Point.

‘It sparks their imagination and you can see their brain ticking over with that deeper thinking that we’re trying to promote.’
Phil Crosby, Stage 3 Teacher, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Alstonville

Lumination Product Lumination Learning Labs

The next phase is guiding students to become Virtual and Augmented Reality creators. They are now exploring tools to encourage students to develop their own content and solutions to real-world problems.

Diocese Of Lismore Catholic Schools Office

Learn more about JJ Purton Jones and the Diocese of Lismore Catholic Schools Office.

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