We’re pioneers in the application of immersive technology; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to revolutionise the way we teach, learn and work.

A world leader in immersive technology

We turn passive, rote-based learning into active, immersive, experiential learning through the use of custom built and integrated AI/VR/AR technology.

We’re proud to work across a range of industries, from Education, Government, Defence and Enterprise to integrate immersive technology across the classroom and workplace.

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Lumination Goolwa

Lumination Learning Labs

Our Lumination Learning Labs are state-of-the-art, fully flexible, multi-purpose smart classrooms which can be transformed into a variety of learning environments. We build Lumination Learning Labs so learners can immerse themselves within this highly-specialised environment.

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Lumination Product Lumination Learning Labs


The days of trial and error are coming to an end. Overlay is an AI-driven object recognition platform which blends real and digital worlds. Users train the platform to recognise an object then attach instructions, cues or calls to actions specific to that object.

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Lumination Product Overlay


Revolutionising the traditional chalk and talk teaching method. Harness the power of our immersive technologies in the classroom and guide students through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and digital learning with ease.

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Lumination Industry Education

XR Simulation

Extended reality (XR) combines real-and-virtual environments. We’re pioneers in the application of XR immersive technologies. Our team of experts design, develop and deliver custom solutions for our clients.

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Lumination Bhp Mining Xr Simulation

Learning Tools

Break down the boundaries of the classroom and explore subjects in new and unique ways with our immersive learning tools. Travel the world without leaving the classroom. Explore mathematical concepts in more depth. Create and code your own extended reality objects or environments.

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Lumination Industry Education