Lumination Learning Labs

A fully flexible multi-purpose smart classroom

Our Lumination Learning Labs are state-of-the-art, fully flexible, multi-purpose immersive classrooms which can be transformed into a variety of learning environments.

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Key Features


Transformed into varied dynamic learning environments; classroom, theatre, boardroom among many other configurations.

Curriculum aligned

English, Mathematics, Science, Technologies, The Arts and all other subjects are taught in an immersive world.


An extended reality (XR) space which creates a collaborative environment, fosters communication, teamwork and technical skills by broadcasting Virtual Reality worlds onto large panoramic displays.

Future proofed

Preparing students for the jobs of the future that don’t exist yet with world-class digital technologies that are already commonplace in the workplace.

Our Projects

Lumination Learning Labs are deployed nationally with teaching and learning teams on the ground in each state to support full classroom integration.

Ready to start your own? Reach out to the team to learn more about how we can integrate a Lumination Learing Lab into your learning environment.

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Goolwa Secondary College

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Whyalla Secondary College

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Aldinga Payinthi College

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Adelaide Botanic High School


Tour our Thebarton
Learning Lab

Take a 360-degree tour of the Lumination Learning Lab at our Thebarton Campus. Find out more about the space, our products and the Learning Lab’s offerings.

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Immersion in a highly-specialised environment

We build Lumination Learning Labs so learners can immerse themselves within this highly-specialised environment, all controlled and education-focused through our LeadMe Labs management software.

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Subjects in an immersive world

Students are taught across each curriculum learning area. For example students can step into a roman colosseum, run a farm, dive into the ocean depths, plot vectors, visit the international space station or step inside an Egyptian tomb using immersive technology.

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Transformative learning

The technology turns passive learning into active, immersive, experiential learning. For example, in English, students take an immersive learning experience to hone speaking skills using in-depth analysis to improve presentations. It enables quicker learning and higher retention across each curriculum subject.

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Skill development

Students learn to use Virtual and Augmented Reality to solve real-world problems. In Humanities and Social Sciences, students can take an immersive learning experience to recycle, learn about materials, climate change and the environment. It helps them develop skills in digital and STEM literacy, design thinking, problem solving, collaboration, creativity and mixed-reality content creation.

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Beyond the classroom

Students learn the skills and the technology which are already commonplace in the workplace. An architect on a daily basis incorporates immersive technology to understand proportion and scale of designs. Students that are beginning to utilise this technology in the classroom are at a massive advantage when they start entering the workforce.


Within a Lumination Learning Lab, each curriculum learning area is taught in an immersive world. For example, in English, students take an immersive learning experience to hone speaking skills using in-depth analysis to improve presentations. In Mathematics, students manipulate vectors, explore vector additions and chart graphs. In Science, students explore the beauty of the universe, visit planets in the solar system, witness hyper-realistic scenery and learn about each planet.

Watch our immersive learning examples across all curriculum learning areas.

Within a Lumination Learning Lab, students learn to use Virtual and Augmented Reality to solve real-world problems and are exposed to the competencies they will need for the future job market, such as digital and STEM literacy, design thinking, problem solving, collaboration, creativity and mixed-reality content creation.

A fully automated, controlled and interactive experience

Our clients are integrating our LeadMe Labs application within their Lumination Learning Labs to fully control the experience. Teachers, leaders and facilitators start, restart and shutdown the experience all through the use of the LeadMe Lab application. They set the scene with room automation for lighting, AV equipment and blinds and launch VR experiences for all learners, directly from the app.

LeadMe Labs
LeadMe Labs

St Paul’s College

The Lumination Learning Lab has become an integral part of teaching and learning at St Paul’s College in Adelaide.

Students from St Paul’s worked on an environmental study of Dry Creek Conservation Park, identifying pollution issues from rubbish getting into the creek.

Students created a 3D Virtual Reality ‘space’ featuring ‘solution to pollution’ tips and pop-up information about the area, that can be accessed via QR codes. The students then approached the local council to place signs in the area to allow the public to learn about the impact of pollution.

The boys submitted their work on Dry Creek to The City of Salisbury’s popular Watershed Creative Prize for 2021 and went home with a win!

Watch the case study.

Extended reality challenge

The XR Challenge is a joint initiative between Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) and Lumination. The Challenge aims to foster an environment in which students can utilise immersive technology to engage with real-world issues, such as water sustainability, waste, or natural disasters.

The Lumination Learning Lab helped students develop skills and confidence in extended reality technology, enabling them to be fully immersed within different areas of the Australian curriculum through creating their own engaging and purposeful Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences and developing the skills they need to thrive in their future careers.

Watch the case study.

The Process

The Lumination Learning Lab has been flexibly designed by Lumination for implementation into any space: older heritage-listed buildings, open-plan spaces, or new designs and builds. The Lumination team manages the entire building process from design to construction, followed by full support from the Lumination education and technical teams.

Identify a Space

The school firstly allocates space in one of their new or pre-existing buildings. The Lab is customised to the size and needs of the specific space. Our design team will then visit your site for inspiration and the design process will begin!

Design a Space

Next, 3D drawings are developed, taking into consideration spatial characteristics, relevant regulations, and OHS. Facilities planning is then implemented, while we work with you to select the most suitable and useful digital equipment and furniture so the space can be utilised to its full potential.

Fit-out a Space

The entire custom fit-out is then managed by Lumination. We gain access to the site, and will manage the highly technical and specialised fit-out process. We will work with the lead contractor and manage Lumination sub-contractors. All Lumination staff members will be DSCI cleared.

Tech and Support

Once your Lumination Learning Lab is operational, we will provide orientation sessions and ongoing consultation with your teaching staff. We understand that different teachers will want to achieve different learning outcomes with your Lab. Lumination can provide ongoing access to all of our resources, spanning across all subject disciplines, to ensure your Lab is maximised to its full potential.

Lumination Learning Labs

Become a pioneer in the application of XR immersive technologies; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR).

Ready to integrate immersive technology into your learning environment?

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From design to delivery

We manage the entire build for you from design to fit out. Available within any building; an existing space or incorporated into a new build.

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Fully-supported by our education team via a 10 step implementation guide and ongoing assistance plus technical teams for all digital support.

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Experiential learning

The technology turns passive, rote based learning into active, immersive, experiential learning to enable – quicker learning, higher retention and transformative learning.

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LeadMe Labs

Guide students, employees and the workforce through Virtual Reality and digital learning with ease with our LeadMe Lab application allowing users to fully control the experience.

Lumination Product Lumination Learning Labs

Enterprise, Government
and Defence

A Lumination Learning Lab is a highly adaptable, multi-purpose environment. The successful application of these Labs into the classroom is now being used as the blueprint to develop these in the workplace. We are collaborating with organisations to develop Lumination Learning Labs to enhance training and onboarding as processes and procedures are developed in a hyper-realistic contextual environment. The technology and space also converts high-risk, high-cost environments into low-risk, low-cost, high-fidelity space. Our clients across Mining, Defence and Government are taking first mover advantage with this technology.

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