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Full Stack Simulation Training Solution

Lumination Learning Labs embed the advantages of virtual and augmented reality into your business in an automated, multipurpose and immersive environment.

Elevate training, reskilling and upskilling, increasing safety and engagement while reducing costs.





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Key Features

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Investing In The Future

Upskill your employees across a range of experiences and bespoke content from one functional, multi-use space.

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Expert Educational Support

Access to Lumination’s educational experts who can empower you to improve training using immersive technology.

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Increase Safety And Reduce Risk

Train staff in a safe environment that improves learning outcomes and increases the bottom line.

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Create Equitable Opportunity

Enhance communication, collaborate and develop cross team solutions with equitable access.

Examples Across Industries

Lumination Learning Labs are being used across Industries to deliver the best training outcomes for their employees in industries where staff development is key for success.

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Luminationeducation Industrysimulation Defence
Mining, Oil and Gas

Luminationeducation Industrysimulation Mining Oil Gas

Luminationeducation Industrysimulation Manufacturing
Energy And Renewables

Luminationeducation Industrysimulation Energy Renewables

Check Out The Lab At Oz Minerals

Employees at Prominent Hill mine now have access to their own Industry Lumination Learning Lab that is used to elevate training, increase safety and engagement while reducing costs.

Andrew Scott, Robotics and automation lead at Oz Minerals said that these experiences are incredibly valuable they, “Create a deeper experience, to be able to get retention of key safety aspects is going to be a huge saving and benefit’

Watch to learn more.

Powered by LeadMe Labs

Integrated in your Lumination Learning Lab, LeadMe Labs gives you the ability to set up the optimal environment for simulation training, select and launch virtual reality simulations.

LeadMe is making it easier for teachers to use immersive technology (virtual reality and augmented reality) in the classroom.

Benefits Of A Lumination Learning Lab

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Train In A Safe And Secure Environment

Staff can test their knowledge and skills in a realistic environment, without tying up useful assets, and while posing no threat of harm to people or equipment.

Luminationlearninglab Industrysimulation Immediate Feedback
Accurate And Immediate Feedback

Trainees can receive accurate and immediate feedback during their scenario leading to better guidance and training outcomes.

Luminationlearninglab Industrysimulation Secure Environment
Multi Use

Lumination Learning Labs are flexible spaces that can be setup and packed down easily, allowing you to maintain your footprint for other uses.

Lab Build Process

Lumination Learning Labs can be designed to fit in a range of spaces depending on your needs.

Our Operations team are on hand to manage the full installation of your Lab including:


Design And Plan

Selecting the best location and design for the space to ensure the area is optimised for desired training outcomes.


Build And Delivery

Managing the entire build, construction and fit out of the Lab, including ongoing technical support.


Industry Lumination Learning Lab Onboarding

Our team will onboard key personnel to ensure optimal use of the Lumination Learning Lab.

VR In The Workplace

Technologies including Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are disrupting the way employees are training for the better. Employees now have the opportunity to grow their practical skills and develop their confidence in a safe and secure virtual environment.

Take a look at how these technologies are being used in the workplace.

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Training Support

When you purchase a Lumination Learning Lab, our Education team will be on hand to deliver onboarding training and ongoing support, ensuring your staff feel empowered to use the Lab to its full capability.

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Training Of Your Staff

Luminationeducation Industrytraining
Advice On Training Programs and Social Responsibility Initiatives

Luminationeducation Industrysimulation Advice
Selection Of Existing Training Simulations


Creation Of XR Simulations

Extended reality (XR) combines real-and-virtual environments. Inside your Lumination Learning Lab we can create XR simulations tailored to the training needs of your organisation.

It could be complex environments including submarines, mines, space shuttles, offices or any number of other places, spaces and equipment.

We can develop this content for you or ensure the existing content you have developed can be used inside your Lab.

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