Take control of your classroom

LeadMe is classroom management software that provides you with centralised control of your environment. Easily launch lessons, control room automations and monitor student activity, creating more time for learning.

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Key Features

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Set Up In Moments

At the touch of a button transform a classroom into an environment ready for collaboration and experiential learning.

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Lead Your Class With Ease

Distribute live content to devices simultaneously so students can follow along in class and you can spend more time teaching.

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Creating Safe Classrooms

Lock content on students devices to minimise distractions and create a cybersafe learning environment.

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Integrated Lesson Plans (coming soon)

Readily access and utilise curated lessons from key providers directly in the platform.

LeadMe Labs

Automated, controlled and interactive learning

Our Lumination Learning Labs are automated, multi-purpose and immersive environments that can be transformed into a variety of learning environments. Now, you can guide learners through immersive learning with ease.