ABHS is Shaping Futures with a Lumination Learning Lab

Adelaide Botanic High School is pioneering education with a Lumination Learning Lab, transforming learning through immersive experiences, preparing students for the future.

Pioneering Innovative Education

Adelaide Botanic High School (ABHS) stands at the forefront of educational innovation, nestled in the heart of Adelaide, South Australia. Under the visionary leadership of Principal Alistair Brown, ABHS has embarked on a journey of transformation, harnessing state-of-the-art technology to enhance the learning experience.

Future-Proofing Students with Immersive Learning

Driven by a vision for preparing students for the evolving demands of the workforce, Principal Alistair Brown spearheaded the integration of a Lumination Learning Lab. The school recognises the significance of immersive technologies in shaping future careers and sought to provide students with hands-on experiences that mirror real-world applications.

Hear from Alistair Brown, Principal at Adelaide Botanic High School (ABHS) about their Lumination Learning Lab

“I think one of the reasons for wanting a Lumination Learning Lab, was that we were starting to see that immersive technology was really featuring in the world of work. The other part was that it’s quite an engaging environment to be working in.”

“I saw that there was a real opportunity for us to actually create spaces where students experience, and that experience adds richness to their learning.”

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Abhs Before Lumination Learning Lab
ABHS - Lumination Learning Lab

Supported by Education Experts

Lumination’s Learning Designers have been instrumental in providing comprehensive support to the school, ensuring that they are empowered to effectively utilise their Lumination Learning Lab.

This support includes providing onboarding sessions for lead teachers, organising student incursions for lab launches, conducting teacher planning sessions, and offering ongoing support sessions for teachers and students.

Additionally, Lumination has been instrumental in guiding school community project planning and support initiatives, delivering professional development sessions tailored to the needs of educators, and providing continuous pedagogical and technical support to ensure the effective integration of technology in teaching and learning practices.

Moving forward, Lumination will continue to expand its support with targeted professional development (PD) sessions focusing on Extended Reality (XR) applications in wellbeing, using XR creation for assessments, and employing XR to support students on the autism spectrum.

Education Reimagined

The Lumination Learning Lab at ABHS has revolutionised the educational landscape, fostering a culture of curiosity and discovery. Students engage in experiential learning, witnessing concepts come to life in real-time.

From exploring historical events through virtual tours to conducting scientific experiments in simulated laboratories, the possibilities are limitless. The school is pioneering the future of education, preparing students to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

“The students have the opportunity to engage in something in real time. They’re actually seeing what they’re doing come to fruition, right in front of their eyes,” says Jim De Gregorio, Teacher.

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Unleashing Experiential Learning

Within the Lumination Learning Lab, students are empowered to explore, create, and innovate. Through virtual and augmented reality, they delve into immersive simulations, breaking the boundaries of traditional learning environments.

“Being able to see what the other person is seeing with the virtual reality is really interesting because you get to help them, give them ideas and work together,” says Lily, Year 9 student. “It really shows how much we can do with the technology and where the future is going. There’s so much opportunity.”

The Lab serves as a dynamic space where imagination flourishes, and learning extends beyond the confines of textbooks.

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Bringing Lessons to Life

At ABHS, the Lumination Learning Lab is being utilised across various subject areas to enhance the learning experience.

In psychology classes, students explore environmental psychology by using Google Earth to virtually situate themselves in diverse settings such as a busy Japanese intersection with corresponding sounds and the tranquil Swiss Alps, while their stress responses are measured in each scenario. This approach extends to investigating how virtual reality (VR) can effect mental health.

In Science subjects, STEM Teacher and Lab Champion, Lauren Scarfe, has designed a lesson around the International Space Station (ISS), where students engage in a self-guided tour of the ISS on a website and learn about the vestibular system, allowing them to rotate through activities and maintain engagement while waiting for equipment.

“I have become very confident in using the technology, troubleshooting issues, choosing apps and writing lessons that incorporate these for different types of classes/topics. I love how engaging it is for students and how confident they have become in using the technology and supporting each other,” says Lauren.

OzMinerals Prominent Hill Mining Experience

The Prominent Hill Mining Experience, developed by Oz Minerals with Lumination for use in a Lumination VR Lab, offers Year 12 Earth and Environmental Science students at Adelaide Botanic High School an immersive learning opportunity.

Through the VR lab, students explore both open cut and underground mining operations at Prominent Hill, navigating features such as the pump room and an open stope.

Students can virtually stand at the pit’s edge, observing benches, haul roads, and other key mining features, providing a realistic perspective on the scale and operation of the mine. The VR experience is enhanced by interpretation boards and the ability interact with objects within the experience, adding a tangible element to the program.

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