Goolwa Secondary Brings Immersive Learning to Regional Australia

The regional South Australian secondary school is pioneering immersive learning transformative partnerships with Lumination.

Championing Equitable Education

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of regional South Australia, Goolwa Secondary College stands as a beacon of progressive education. Since its establishment in 2022, the college has cultivated a dynamic culture marked by innovation, collaboration, and excellence. It serves as a vibrant educational hub where students, educators, and staff thrive, driven by a shared commitment to academic excellence and holistic development. Embracing the ethos of continuous improvement, Goolwa seeks to revolutionise secondary education through transformative initiatives like the Lumination Learning Lab.

A Transformative Approach to Learning

Goolwa’s visionary transformation journey saw the conversion of underutilised transportable classrooms into state-of-the-art Lumination Learning Labs. These revamped spaces boast innovative features such as three-station areas and breakout zones, facilitating station-based learning experiences. Empowered by immersive technology, educators harness the potential of augmented and virtual reality to deliver immersive lessons that enhance traditional teaching methods, igniting a passion for learning among students.

Hear from Travis Roach, Deputy Principal at Goolwa Secondary College

“Learning now is not what it was before; students are always looking for a real world connection,” says Travis Roach, Deputy Principal at Goolwa Secondary College. “Being a rural school, having a Lab like this, where we can do immersive virtual reality, brings the learning experiences to our students without the cost and expenses that might come otherwise.”

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Goolwa Secondary Before Lumination Learning Lab
Goolwa Luminaton Learning Labs

Supported by Experts

Supported by Lumination Learning Designer, Zeinab Jafari, the educators and students at Goolwa Secondary are being provided with comprehensive support to maximise the potential of the Lumination Learning Lab. Zeinab assists teachers in sourcing relevant content and resources for their immersive sessions, ensuring that each lesson is engaging and aligned with educational objectives.

This collaborative partnership between Lumination and Goolwa ensures that both educators and students are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the transformative power of immersive learning.

“Lumination’s education support ensures teachers have an easy point of contact; a previous educator who they can brainstorm and plan their XR goals within their subject area, knowing their Learning Designer has experienced and will consider the daily challenges of a classroom setting when providing content suggestions,” Jafari says. “I love the opportunity to collaboratively work alongside teachers and students, to not only maximise the use of the space, but to utilise the technology effectively in delivering the curriculum.”

Innovative Teaching Opportunities

Within the Lumination Learning Lab, educators like Claire and Alanna are pioneering new frontiers in education. Claire, a dedicated child studies and English teacher, leverages immersive virtual reality experiences to deepen her Year 10 students’ understanding of developmental psychology. Through an innovative IMVR simulation, students step into the shoes of a crawling baby, gaining firsthand insights into child behaviour and the importance of creating safe, nurturing environments.

Meanwhile, Alanna, a passionate mathematics educator, utilises XR technology to simplify complex geometry concepts for her Year 7 students. By allowing students to manipulate geometric shapes in a virtual environment, Alanna fosters a deeper understanding of abstract mathematical principles, making learning both engaging and accessible.

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Future-Focused Learning

The Lumination Learning Lab also serves as a launchpad for students’ career exploration endeavors at Goolwa Secondary. Through virtual job shadowing experiences and simulated job interviews using Work Window, students gain invaluable insights into various professions, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future pathways.

Furthermore, immersive empathy-building exercises conducted within the Lab facilitate the development of essential life skills, nurturing students’ capacity for compassion and understanding in an increasingly interconnected world.

Goolwa Work Window-Job Readiness-Lumination Learning Lab

Expanding Horizons at Goolwa Secondary

Goolwa’s visionary approach to education, coupled with Lumination’s unwavering support, has yielded remarkable outcomes for students and educators alike. The implementation of the Student Lab Mentor program has fostered a sense of ownership and leadership among students, who actively engage in the responsible use of technology within the Lab. Notably, the program has witnessed full participation from students, demonstrating their enthusiasm and commitment to leveraging future technology resources for learning.

Moreover, results from our case studies underscore the transformative impact of immersive learning experiences within the Lumination Learning Lab. A notable increase of 12% in students’ overall empathy scores, as measured by the Perth Empathy Scale (PES), highlights the profound effect of virtual reality simulations on empathy development. This significant growth reflects not only in quantitative data but also in qualitative observations from educators, who have noted a heightened level of empathy and understanding among students in various contexts.

Additionally, informal feedback from educators indicates an average student engagement rate of 70%, showcasing the effectiveness of immersive learning in sustaining student interest and motivation.

Emily, a Year 8 student, encapsulates the transformative essence of Lumination Learning Labs, highlighting the departure from traditional learning methods.

“This classroom’s different to all the other classrooms,” says Emily, a Year 8 student at Goolwa. “Instead of just being told the information, you’re able to actually experience it and see what it’s like.”

As Goolwa continues to chart new horizons in education, supported by Lumination’s tailored professional development and ongoing guidance, the journey towards transformative learning experiences for all students remains steadfast. Together, they pave the way for a future where innovation, collaboration, and excellence converge to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

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