We create immersive solutions that solve complex logistics, humanitarian and mission critical challenges.

A world leader in
immersive technology

Lumination is proudly Australian owned and operated, we are pioneers in the use of advanced immersive technology; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) that enhances sovereign capabilities.

Lumination Bhp Mining Xr Simulation
Training simulations

Convert high-risk, high-cost environments into low-risk, low-cost, high-fidelity simulations. Simulate certain, uncertain and unpredictable environments.

Lumination Defence Industry Unlock Manufacturing Opportunities
Blend the real and digital world

Unlock manufacturing opportunities by recognising objects then attaching Augmented Reality pop-ups with instructions and contextual actions. Transform processes, reduce uncertainty, and improve production quality and accountability.

Lumination Defence Industry Advanced Technical Capabilities
Advanced technical capabilities

An end-to-end bespoke development and delivery life cycle. From ideation and design to development, iteration, delivery, facilitation of training, release and maintenance using world-leading technologies.

Lumination Defence Industry Device Agnostic Software
Device agnostic software

Our technology is secure and device agnostic, ensuring that long-term technology capabilities are future-proofed against advances in physical equipment.


The days of trial and error are coming to an end. Overlay is an AI-driven object recognition platform which blends real and digital worlds. Users train the platform to recognise an object then attach instructions, cues or calls to actions specific to that object.


Learning Labs

State of the art, fully flexible, multi-purpose smart classrooms which can be transformed into a variety of learning and training environments. A leading-edge learning environment with world-class digital technologies; Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies.


XR Simulation

Converting high-risk, high-cost training environments into low-risk, low-cost simulations. Our Virtual Reality experiences use real-world data and 3D models to generate hyper-realistic scenarios. Our team of experts design, develop and deliver custom solutions for our clients.


Our Partners

XR Simulation

Lumination, BAE Systems and UniSA have begun building an advanced artificial intelligence visualisation platform for real-time Defence training applications. Funded through the Defence Innovation Hub program, this platform is being built to enhance our sovereign capabilities, save Australian and our partners lives and further our technical readiness in the field.

Lumination Bae Systems Xr Simulation