XR Simulation

Take the next step in Virtual Reality training

Extended reality (XR) combines real-and-virtual environments. We’re pioneers in the application of XR immersive technologies.

Our team of experts design, develop and deliver custom solutions for our clients.

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Key Features

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Reduced risk

Convert high-risk, high-cost training environments into low-risk, low-cost XR simulations.

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Tailored experiences

Use real-world data and 3D models to generate hyper-realistic scenarios for tailored Virtual Reality experiences.

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Unique communication

Use Augmented Reality to communicate in new and unique ways.

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Online learning

Develop tailored learning management systems (LMS) for online learning and task management.

Tailored XR

Safe simulations

Teach, learn and work in these exact replications of the real world via safe simulations then apply the training in the real world.

Immersive environments

Take complex places, spaces, equipment or environments and create life-like immersive environments with realistic, AI-driven variations in scenarios, scenes and behaviour.

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Communicate via AR

Plan, produce and promote new and effective ways to communicate via Augmented Reality experiences.

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Tailor made LMS

Link different applications, feature key videos and include training modules via tailor made learning management systems.

Hyper-realistic virtual
training environments

Take complex environments or critical equipment; it could be submarines, mines, space shuttles, offices or any number of other places, spaces and equipment and create life-like immersive environments. These hyper-realistic virtual environments are powered by an artificial intelligence engine to learn and adapt, producing lifelike and uncertain variations rather than responding in predictable ways.

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Immersive communication

We partnered with the Department for Education, South Australia to communicate their strategic plan for building a world-class education system through an interactive Augmented Reality experience.

XR Simulation

Become a pioneer in the application of XR immersive technologies; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR).

Speak to our team of experts to design, develop and deliver custom solutions for you.

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Tailor made

Our team of XR developers and experts deliver tailor made solutions. We partner with users to develop engaging, accessible and exciting interactive experiences and content. Our team devises solutions to complex issues and delivers visually stunning outcomes.

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Cost-effective training

Training is cost-effective and efficient as learners can revisit scenarios until they reach a required proficiency and confidence. It’s a Virtual Reality metaverse-based approach with real life results.

Taking the next step
in our Virtual Reality training

Convert a high-risk, high-cost training environment into a low-risk, low-cost simulation. Our Virtual Reality experiences use real-world data and 3D models to generate hyper-realistic scenarios.

Safe simulations

Users teach, learn and work in these safe simulations and then apply the training into the real world. The simulations are powered by an artificial intelligence engine to learn and adapt over time to produce lifelike and uncertain variations rather than simply responding in predictable ways.

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