Professional Learning
& Development

The future of learning is in your hands

In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, our students need to be equipped with skills that are future-proofed. Using emerging technologies in meaningful ways across the curriculum, students develop core competencies and general capabilities for lifelong learning and jobs of the future. They need your help to develop these skills.


Educators Program

The mission of our Lumination Educators Program is to empower educators with professional learning and development (PLD) opportunities using cutting-edge technology. Our Learning Design Team are registered teachers and experienced educators who passionately support the education community in successfully integrating emerging technologies in classrooms.

Our Areas of Expertise

The Future Teacher

Students live in a digital-first world and education needs to keep pace. Teachers need to innovate, explore and revolutionise pedagogy with regards to technology.

This module equips you with the knowledge of how emerging technologies are changing the way students learn, plus how you can teach and utilise accessible and innovative technologies in the classroom.

VR/AR Technology

In the classroom, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are capable of providing unparalleled learning experiences for students. It supports quicker understanding, higher retention and transformative learning.

You have the ability to take your class trekking through Machu Picchu, explore the solar system and even experience the inner workings of the human body through the application of VR and AR immersive technology into the classroom.

VR Creation

In the classroom students can consume Virtual Reality, but also create their own experiences. You have the opportunity to provide students with the tools to create VR experiences and unleash higher order thinking skills.

This module equips you with the tools to teach 360° camera skills in the classroom, then publish innovative VR experiences using several software platforms.

The Power of Drones

By harnessing the power of educational drones in the classroom, you can provide your students with the tools to solve real-world problems and demonstrate how this innovative technology is revolutionising the way we live our lives.

This module equips you with the tools to use drones in the classroom and teach script and block coding to students in an innovative context, at new heights!

Immersive Virtual Reality

By harnessing Immersive Virtual Reality (IMVR) in the classroom you can provide learning opportunities for students that far exceed any traditional chalk and talk methods.

Building on the VR/AR Technology program, this module equips you with the insights into how world-leading immersive technology has a place in the classroom and how you can practically facilitate learning with IMVR.

Curriculum Blending

The power and benefit of innovative learning technologies is accelerated when it is aligned directly to the curriculum and learning outcomes.

This module equips you with all the information you need to blend immersive learning technologies into the curriculum.

Our Partners & Clients

Very inspired as an educator and for the students to be future-ready! “Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein; and today definitely proved that!

Belinda Zanello

Visual Art Teacher

I want to keep narrowing the gap between where I am and where the students I teach are and this is one way of doing it – to continually update my own skills. I’ve loved it – and what I was terrified of before I’m not anymore!

Elizabeth Petersen

English/HASS Teacher

Students really benefited from the cutting edge technology – not all schools have access to it all the time, so to have it at their fingertips really gave them a further step into their education.

Fergus Grant

Digital Coordinator