We create immersive solutions that set learners, teachers and ultimately students up for success.

A world leader in
immersive technology

We are pioneers in the use of advanced immersive technology; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to engage across the curriculum and specific learning outcomes.

Empowered teaching

Our immersive solutions create a teacher-led collaborative learning experience which is curriculum aligned.

Skills for the future

Using immersive technology students will gain the skills they need to thrive in their future careers; from technical skills to critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, communication and collaboration.

Hand in hand

We have a dedicated education team offering ongoing assistance, a technical team for all digital support and professional development opportunities to help teachers every step of the way.

Device agnostic software

Our technology is secure and device agnostic, ensuring that long-term technology capabilities are future-proofed against advances in physical equipment.

Learning Labs

State of the art, fully flexible, multi-purpose smart classrooms which can be transformed into a variety of learning and training environments. A leading-edge learning environment with world-class digital technologies; Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies.


Integrating world leading
into the classroom

Teacher directs student who is using virtual reality headset and controllers in the classroom.
Lumination Education Centre

Explore our Lumination Education Centre and learn how to implement revolutionary technologies within your own classroom.

Professional learning and development

Become immersed in a professional learning journey, and explore how to harness the power of immersive technology in your classroom.

Lumination Use Case Catholic Diocese of Lismore Schools

Guide classrooms through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and immersive digital learning with ease.


St Paul’s College

The Lumination Learning Lab has become an integral part of teaching and learning at St Paul’s College in Adelaide.

Students from St Paul’s worked on an environmental study of Dry Creek Conservation Park, identifying pollution issues from rubbish getting into the creek.

Students created a 3D Virtual Reality ‘space’ featuring ‘solution to pollution’ tips and pop-up information about the area, that can be accessed via QR codes. The students then approached the local council to place signs in the area to allow the public to learn about the impact of pollution.

The boys submitted their work on Dry Creek to The City of Salisbury’s popular Watershed Creative Prize for 2021 and went home with a win!

Watch the case study.

Our Partners & Clients

Very inspired as an educator and for the students to be future-ready! “Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein; and today definitely proved that!

Belinda Zanello

Visual Art Teacher

I want to keep narrowing the gap between where I am and where the students I teach are and this is one way of doing it – to continually update my own skills. I’ve loved it – and what I was terrified of before I’m not anymore!

Elizabeth Petersen

English/HASS Teacher

Students really benefited from the cutting edge technology – not all schools have access to it all the time, so to have it at their fingertips really gave them a further step into their education.

Fergus Grant

Digital Coordinator