Customising and Moving Objects in CoSpaces

Task Summary

When building your CoSpace world, you can enrich your world by customising your objects and making them move. There are different ways you can do this. In this tutorial, you will find some ideas and tips. Learn how to customise and move objects in CoSpaces.

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Options in CoSpaces

To find the options for customisations and movement, double click or double tap your object.
The following options will be displayed:

  • Top space – You can change the name of your object in this space. Especially handy if you have several of
    the same objects in your world. Changing the name will help you to distinguish between them.
  • Code – For enabling your object to be coded in CoBlocks
  • Speech – For adding speech or thought bubbles to your object.
  • Physics (Pro only) – This will enable you to apply real life physics rules to your object.
  • Transform – Changing your object’s location/placement
  • Animation – For adding movement to your object.
  • Material – For customising colours and opacity of your object.
  • Attach – For attaching objects to each other.
  • Mask – For masking your object.
  • Lock – To help you fix your object to a point/position
  • Duplicate – For creating copies of your object.
  • Delete – For removing your object from the CoSpace world.

Download the PDF for more information.

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