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An immersive technology company

Interactive learning, made easy.

Software tools for education, industry and defence. Our products use artificial intelligence and extended reality to create the most effective way to learn, through experiences.

Our Products
Lumination - Integrating world leading 
AI/VR/AR into the classroom and the workplace. Lumination - Integrating world leading 
AI/VR/AR into the classroom and the workplace. Lumination - Integrating world leading 
AI/VR/AR into the classroom and the workplace.

Learn faster. Retain more. Increase accuracy. Feel more confident.

Lumination Learning Labs Lumination Learning Labs

Automated, multi-purpose and immersive environments that improve learning outcomes.

Lumination Learninglabs

Overlay Overlay

An AI object recognition platform, Overlay is trained to understand the world around it.

Lumination Overlay

LeadMe LeadMe

Take control of your classroom. LeadMe is classroom management software providing teachers with centralised control, enabling them to do what they do best.

Person reaches down to touch iPad in dimly lit room

XR Simulation XR Simulation

Train in realistic environments through VR or AR using XR Simulation, an extended reality simulation.

Lumination XR Simulation

Learning Tools

Transform your learning environment into an immersive classroom and prepare your students for the jobs of tomorrow.

Lumination Immersive Learning Tools

What we do

Learning the
Lumination way.

We build immersive technology; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), that enhances the physical world around us.

Our software enables interactive learning, which is proven to be four times more effective than traditional teaching methods.


Our products are built with a simple concept in mind: less tech-ing, more teaching.

Lumination - Lumination Goolwa Lab - Lumination Employee Speaking to Teachers in New Innovation Lab

Turn passive, chalk and talk based learning into active, engaged learning.

Lumination Industry Education

Train, upskill and empower employees through immersive technology, improving job performance.

Employee points phone with Overlay app at machine to learn more information about the equipment

Who we work with

across industries

We’re proud to work across a range of industries, with people who are on the journey to transform the way we teach, learn and work through the integration of immersive technology. From Education, Government, Defence and Enterprise, we love working together to solve unique problems.