Our Educators

Support and Expertise: Our Point of Difference

Partnering with Lumination means unlocking access to our talented team of registered teachers.

With years of experience in primary and secondary education and extensive expertise in immersive learning, our educators are qualified to lead you into the future. With this ongoing educational support, your Lumination Learning Lab can enable improved learning outcomes and equip your students with the skills they need to enter our changing world of employment.

Female student smiles wearing doing VR in the classroom wearing virtual reality headset and using controllers with other students and teachers in background showing benefits of VR in education

Our Educators

Lumination Our Educators Shai

Shai Coggins

Learning Design Lead, SA

Shai Coggins joined Lumination as one of its first educators and is currently the Learning Design Lead. Passionate about technology and futures education, Shai enjoys designing and implementing learning programs that empower educators to use emerging technologies across the curriculum. Shai is a registered teacher with a Master’s degree in Teaching, as well as a Master’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Before joining Lumination, Shai was a classroom and technologies teacher at an elite IB PYP school for girls, a classroom teacher and STEM Coordinator at an independent school, and has taught at various state and independent schools. She was also a tutor in the Department for Education’s pilot Learning+ maths program. Prior to becoming an educator, Shai worked in different industries, including running her own business working with clients like Microsoft. Her work in industry has been acknowledged in various media, including being featured in Fast Company’s list of most talented Women in Tech (2009).

Lumination Our Educators Jonathan

Jonathan Kim Sing

Education Programs Manager, NSW

Jonathan has taught in various NSW Public Schools teaching Mathematics and STEM. He is passionate about using technology in the classroom, incorporating innovative and evidence-based teaching strategies with his students. He created a library of Mathematics videos on YouTube to engage students and ensure equitable access to learning. Jonathan has worked with various EdTech startups including Edrolo, Education Perfect and Open Learning. In 2019, he was awarded the NSW Teachers Mutual Bank Learning Edge Award for his initiatives in the classroom and is a NSW Premier’s Teaching Scholarship recipient.

Lumination Our Educators Jolanta

Jolanta Stephens

Learning Designer, SA

Jolanta is an experienced Middle School Teacher and has taught in a range of schools and Colleges across South Australia. She has a passion for the Arts, Literacy, and Culture Studies and has a strong interest in developing students’ soft skills in preparing them for the future. She has held numerous leadership positions, including Curriculum Coordinator, Year Level Coordinator, Vice Principal at the Adelaide Lithuanian School, IBMYP Coordinator and Middle Years Learning Leader. Jolanta is a Learning Designer at Lumination and is passionate about empowering teachers to ‘add to their toolbelt’ of teaching resources and techniques and guiding them through how to use immersive technology in an authentic way in the classroom.

Lumination Our Educators Naomi

Naomi Guglielmo

Learning Designer, SA

Naomi is an enthusiastic primary school educator with a passion for technologies, performing arts and literacy. She has over six years of teaching experience across four schools in Adelaide and the Barossa Valley. Student agency, wellbeing and engagement are at the forefront of Naomi’s pedagogical approach. Naomi began her teaching career as a Science and Performing Arts specialist across R-6, then moved into Junior Primary classroom teaching for three years. During this time she became ICT Coordinator, supporting school staff in implementing various new technologies for teaching and assessing (such as SeeSaw and Accelerus). Naomi moved to teaching middle years in a Year 5/6 classroom for two years before joining Lumination as a Learning Designer.