The Future of EdTech Has Landed in Victoria

Victorian schools are investing in state-of-the-art smart classrooms, increasing student engagement

Melbourne, VIC | 31 August, 2023 — EdTech company, Lumination, is transforming the way students learn in Victoria. Building state-of-the-art smart classrooms equipped with immersive technology, Lumination has already partnered with four schools across the region, and is now officially opening its doors in Melbourne.

Committed to innovation, Girton Grammar School, Lyndale Secondary College, Catholic Ladies College and St Francis Catholic College have signed on to build, or have already opened, Lumination Learning Labs. Gaining access to virtual and augmented reality experiences linked to the curriculum, Lab schools are seeing increases in student engagement, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

“We wanted something the girls could embrace and engage in, and we know it has merit with the curriculum we’re offering,” says Stephanie Evans, Principal of Catholic Ladies College. “We want them to be future-proofed — but not just future — it’s about the present and making sure they’ve got skills in collaboration, design thinking and creativity.”

Girton Grammar School was the first school in the state to open its Learning Lab in July, its students raving about using virtual reality to walk through an Egyptian tomb, navigate Rome, delve inside a human cell and dissect a frog.

“What I love most is that I find it almost impossible to be passive in this learning space,” says Dr Emma O’Rielly, Principal of Girton Grammar School. “In a traditional classroom, it is possible to be passive and disengage from what’s going on. When you are fully immersed in the experience, you are actively engaged.”

Lumination’s new office, equipped with a Lumination Learning Lab, will allow schools the opportunity to experience the space first-hand.

“The traditional classroom hasn’t changed for hundreds of years, while the needs of teachers and students have evolved significantly,” says Edward Carlson, Lumination’s CEO.

“Introducing immersive technology into schools is vital, but we also want it to give teachers time back, not further burden them,” says Carlson. “This is why our educational experts work closely with our Lab schools to onboard and support staff, and our LeadMe software makes the Lab easy to use.”

Lumination’s bespoke LeadMe software, which powers the Lab, allows educators to use the Lab at the touch of a button.

“The LeadMe app that goes with the technology is very intuitive and that’s great for anyone who feels they’re not technologically inclined,” says Dr O’Rielly.

With office locations in Adelaide, Sydney and now Melbourne, the company continues to expand, and has over 30 Lumination Learning Labs open or in progress across the country.

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About Lumination

Lumination is a world leader in immersive technology, creating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) software to revolutionise the way we teach, learn and work. Founded in 2016, the company started in a garage in Semaphore, Adelaide, with the goal of disrupting one of the oldest practices in history — the conventional classroom. Lumination has served over 2 million customers nationally and is rapidly expanding into the defence, government and enterprise sectors. Increasing access to emerging technologies, Lumination is committed to strengthening the future of the workforce and taking learning to the next level on the world stage.

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