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Discover the future of education

Transform your learning environment into an immersive classroom and prepare your students for the jobs of tomorrow.

Looking to prepare your students for jobs of the future, or transform your learning environment into a virtual world? Our immersive learning tools will allow your students to travel the world, create their own interactive content, and break down the barriers of the traditional classroom.

Lumination Product Vr Ar Education Kit
VR/AR Education Kit

Break down the boundaries of the classroom and explore subjects in new and unique ways with the VR/AR Education Kit.

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Lumination Product Creation Accessories Bundle
Creation Accessories Bundle

Craft and create Virtual and Augmented Reality content with the Creation Accessories Bundle.

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Lumination Product Imvr Kit

Custom designed to deliver an unparalleled, super-powered Virtual Reality learning experience for students.

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Lumination Product Drone Education Kit
Drone Education Kit

Harness the power of drones in the classrooms and let creativity fly with our Ryze Tello Education Drone Kit.

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