Introduction to Basic Block Coding in CoSpaces

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In the tutorial on Customising and Moving Objects, we’ve shared how you can start coding your objects in CoSpaces. In this tutorial, you’ll learn some basic codes to get you started. Learn how to start coding objects in CoSpaces.

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Controls in CoSpaces

When you open CoBlocks, you will find the coding dashboard. The coding blocks navigation area on
the dashboard is on the extreme left. These are the options available:

  • Transform (light blue blocks) – Movement blocks
  • Actions (purple blocks) – Say/Think blocks, adding interactive elements, sound, video
  • Events (yellow blocks) – Input, Collision and Web blocks
  • Control (orange blocks) – Loops and If statements blocks, etc.
  • Operators (green blocks) – Logic and Math blocks
  • Items (dark blue blocks) – Blocks for modifying and getting objects
  • Data (pink blocks) – Variables, Values, Lists, and Debug Blocks
  • Functions (dark red blocks) – Set and custom functions
  • Physics (light red blocks) – Applying simple and advanced physics, as well as properties and values

When you click or tap on one of the options from the navigation area, you will be given different coding block options from each type (e.g., Transform, Actions, etc). You will then drag the coding block that you wish to use to the programming area.

For example, if you want your object to move forward, you can use one of the move blocks from ‘Transform’.
Drag the block to the programming area and attach it to the ‘When Play clicked’ block.

Download the PDF for more information.

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