Redefining career discovery for students

Work Window is a virtual reality experience that gives students the tools to explore a world of exciting career possibilities, providing early insights and hands-on experiences that expand their horizons and enrich their career choices.

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AR and VR Technology in the Lumination Learning Lab

Key Features

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Curriculum Aligned Across Australia

National and state based curriculum connections to career planning.

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Interactive VR Work Experience

Step into the future of career discovery with our virtual reality experience.

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The Future of Career Discovery

With a range of professions and industries to select from, students will gain early insights that inspire and inform their career choices.

Interactive Job Shadowing

Immerse your students in real-world workplaces through interactive job shadowing.

They will experience the daily routines of professionals in diverse fields, enhancing their understanding of potential careers.


Work Window Career Exploration Carpentry

Work Window Career Exploration Firefighter
Fitter and Turner

Work Window Career Exploration Fitter Turner
Landscape Architect

Work Window Career Exploration Landscape Architect
Water Engineer

Work Window Career Exploration Water Engineer

Job Interview Simulation

Boost your students’ interview confidence with a realistic job interview.

This VR simulation allows students to practice the interview process and receive feedback on eye contact, speech pace and volume, clothing choice, punctuality and more.

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