LeadMe: Launching Virtual Reality Experiences on All Stations

Using LeadMe inside a Lumination Learning Lab a user can launch virtual reality experiences. To learn how to launch experiences follow this guide.

Step 1

To launch experiences on all stations inside a Lumination Learning Lab grab the LeadMe tablet.

Step 2

On the left hand side select VR Library.

Homepage on LeadMe where you can control a Lumination Learning Lab

Step 3

A list of virtual reality experiences will load. Select the experience.

LeadMe allows you to launch virtual reality experiences inside a Lumination Learning Lab

Step 4

Stations you have available inside the Lumination Learning Lab will load. A checkbox will be displayed called Select All Available. Select this option and click Play.

Using LeadMe you can launch multiple experiences.

Step 5

A loading screen will display as the virtual reality experience is pushed to all stations in the Lab. Once complete immersive learning can begin.

LeadMe loading screen for loading virtual reality experiences

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