5 Ways to Attract Teachers to Your School

Author: Lumination

Date: 26th Sep 2023

Gain a Real Competitive Advantage in Teacher Recruitment — Turn Your School into Somewhere Educators Long to Be

Education has always been about targeting excellence. Excellent resources, excellent facilities, excellent methods, excellent frameworks — all these things come together to drive the best results for students, achieving the educational outcomes they need and deserve. But there’s something missing here, isn’t there? Excellent teachers.

You need the very best educators if you are to realise your students’ potential. This means gaining a real competitive advantage in teacher recruitment and hiring.

The Teacher Shortage — What You Need to Know

But finding those great educators is becoming increasingly difficult. There is a real teaching crisis here in Australia, and schools are feeling the strain.

In the Lumination Lab we see teachers as learners, working with students to navigate virtual reality

Overcoming the Crisis — 5 Methods for Recruiting Great Teachers

There’s a big chance you already know about this teaching crisis, and you might be feeling the effects already. So let’s focus on solutions — how do you overcome this problem and attract teachers to your school?

Adopting Emerging Technologies

Education should be exciting and alive with possibility, particularly in the modern age where immersive technology is revolutionising the classroom. Make it clear that your school provides this technology in the workplace, and set yourself apart from other institutions in your area.

Supporting Real Professional Development

No one wants to feel as if they are stagnating, teachers included. Attracting great teachers — and retaining them — requires well-defined pathways for career development and growth, giving professionals a genuine sense of progression in life and work.

Integrating Classroom Management Tools

Without the right tools, work becomes difficult, and frustration and isolation begin to set in. However, give teachers the right tools, such as classroom management solutions that help to keep everyone on track, and they will feel much more settled in their environment.

Lumination Learning Lab Teacher Immersive Learning

Fostering the Right Culture

A significant factor in the current teaching crisis is stress. With the right culture — a supportive and engaging culture in which perceived failures are reframed as stepping stones towards success — you create an environment that is attractive to today’s teachers, many of whom are at risk of burnout.

Prioritising Mental Well-Being

This idea of burnout is an important one. If you can make it clear that your institution prioritises mental well-being — facilitating this with close support, appropriate work/life balance, well-equipped learning environments, and low student/teacher ratios — you become a leader in the education job market. Teachers want to feel they can make a positive difference without sacrificing their mental health in their process, so show potential applicants that your school can help them make this happen.

Revolutionise the Classroom Experience with Lumination Learning Labs

Our Lumination Learning Labs are designed to revolutionise education, bringing immersive technology into the classroom and expanding the horizons of students. With these solutions, you can also support your teachers, gaining a real competitive edge in teaching recruitment and retention. Discover more — use the form below to get a demo and experience the lab for yourself.


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