5 Ways to Enhance Your School’s Reputation with Virtual Reality


Date: 25th Mar 2024

Discover How VR, AR and XR Solutions Give Your School a Competitive Advantage

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, the integration of immersive technology stands as a cornerstone in shaping the future of learning. As Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions become synonymous with improved student engagement in the classroom, schools across Australia are pioneering innovative approaches to enhance student outcomes and future oriented thinking. 

By embracing Lumination Learning Labs equipped with immersive technology, institutions are not only transforming the way students learn but also solidifying their reputation as forward-thinking educational leaders. These initiatives are not just about staying ahead of the curve; they’re about ensuring that students receive unparalleled learning experiences that prepare them for a future where technology plays an ever-expanding role.

By catering to educators’ preferences, equipping them with engaging and user-friendly technology, and providing support from education experts, schools can also ensure they are attracting and retaining top talent, empowering teachers to deliver personalized and impactful learning experiences.

From bolstering student engagement to empowering educators and strengthening community ties, the impact of immersive technology in education is profound and far-reaching. Find out some of the ways implementing immersive technology can increase the reputation of your school.

Enhancing School Reputation Endeavour

Demonstrating a Future-Centric Focus

The message is clear – VR and AR technology represent the future of education. It is estimated that education will become the 4th greatest focus for VR tech investment in the coming years, and as many as 93% of teachers say their students would be excited by welcoming VR into their classrooms.

Schools across Australia are already leading the way and pioneering innovative routes forward towards this bright future. These new initiatives are not only transforming the way students learn but also enhancing the reputation of schools as cutting-edge educational institutions. By integrating immersive VR and AR technology into classrooms, schools are demonstrating their commitment to staying ahead in the digital age and providing students with future skills, through career exploration and promoting creativity and critical thinking.

Endeavour College in South Australia have recently launched a Lumination Learning Lab in their new Discovery Centre. Principal Richard Baird sees this technology as pivotal in expanding opportunities for student success.

“While Endeavour may be the first Lutheran Independent High School to offer this in South Australia, it is more about being prepared; preparing our students for a future workforce,” he says. “With jobs that are still unknown and for industries that are already using this type of technology. Our students will be forefront leaders in using this technology to innovate, problem-solve, and create a better future for all.”

As word spreads about these innovative teaching methods and their positive impact on student engagement, collaboration and confidence, we anticipate a surge in interest from prospective students eager to enroll in schools offering such forward-thinking approaches.

Parents are increasingly drawn to schools that offer such forward-thinking approaches, recognizing the value of preparing their children for a future where technology plays an ever-expanding role. Consequently, schools embracing VR and AR are not only shaping the minds of tomorrow but also securing their own future as educational leaders in the community. 


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Attracting the Highest Quality Staff

Australia has found itself facing a profound shortage of skilled teachers, putting the future of the country in jeopardy. While some state and territorial governments have proposed solutions, the most effective remedy to this shortage may be something more fundamental. To put it simply, teachers need to feel that they are supported, respected and valued when they enter the classroom.

VR and AR solutions like Lumination Learning Labs are well positioned to make life easier for teachers in the field. By incorporating this new technology into education, teachers gain access to powerful classroom management solutions that streamline lesson delivery, foster student engagement, and facilitate personalized learning experiences. These tools alleviate some of the burdens associated with traditional teaching methods, allowing educators to focus more on their core mission of nurturing student growth and development. 

As teachers witness the positive impact of immersive technology on student outcomes, they are not only attracted to schools offering these resources but also feel empowered and valued in their profession, contributing to a more sustainable solution to the teacher shortage crisis in Australia.

As well as a Lumination Learning Lab, our offer also provides schools with education support to assist in the professional development of its educators. This includes complete onboarding, teacher empowerment and curriculum planning sessions, as well as access to our certified educators program and Lumination Education Centre with a range of lesson plans and resources. This comprehensive support initiative empowers educators with guidance on seamlessly incorporating immersive technology into their teaching practices.

“Having a Lumination Learning Lab and having access to our curriculum support, enables us to provide opportunities and experiences that we didn’t know were possible,” says Travis Roach, Deputy Principal of Goolwa Secondary College. 


Increasing Learning Outcomes

The integration of Lumination Learning Labs with immersive technology has yielded significant results in enhancing student engagement and academic outcomes across various schools. At Grange Primary, there’s been a remarkable 17% increase in overall student engagement during Geography lessons, accompanied by a 155% surge in students strongly agreeing that “Geography is fun.”

Moreover, 96% of students expressed a preference for learning in the Lumination Learning Lab over traditional classrooms, highlighting the appeal and effectiveness of immersive learning environments. Similarly, Goolwa Secondary witnessed a notable 12% improvement in students’ ability to empathise after just 10 weeks of using the technology, showcasing the profound impact on social and emotional development.

Immersive technology has not only benefited students but also empowered teachers. Kidman Park Primary School reported a significant 35% increase in teacher confidence when using LeadMe automation software to set up their Lumination Learning Lab. These results underscore the pivotal role of Lumination Learning Labs in elevating the educational experience, fostering student success, and positioning schools as innovative leaders in education.

“In a text book you are really just disconnected from what you are reading, however, with the Lumination VR, you are actually there experiencing it as it is in real life,” says Liv Hutchins, Year 9 Student from Lyndale Secondary College. “I think it’s that connection between what you are learning and what it is like in real life that makes it ten times better”.

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Engaging All Students

In the last few years, studies have uncovered significant disparities in Australian education. Students from social and economically disadvantaged backgrounds had a school finish rate 14.8% below the national average in 2020, while school finishing rates were 24.9% below average for Indigenous students. Between 2021 and 2022, retention rates for students progressing from Year 7/8 to Year 12 fell across the country, with the Northern Territory experiencing the lowest rate of 54.2%. Government schools (76% retention) were also far less likely to retain students than Catholic schools (80.9%) or independent schools (94.2%).

Immersive learning technology can help to overcome these disparities by ensuring all students have access to the education resources they need to thrive. Your school can become a beacon of fair and equitable opportunity with extended reality (XR) education solutions, providing high levels of engagement for students across all backgrounds, ability levels and learning styles.

Lumination Learning Labs offer an inclusive and adaptable educational environment, leveraging immersive technology to cater to diverse learning styles and needs ensuring that students, including those with disabilities and English language learners, can engage with experiential learning aligned with the curriculum. These labs foster multi-sensory learning experiences, providing students with opportunities for communication, skill development, and emotional regulation. 

Immersive technology also allows students to embark on virtual journeys worldwide, explore career options and practical skills within the safety of the classroom. 

Enhancing School Reputation Riverbanks

Maintaining Community and Alumni Support

Schools serve as vital hubs within their communities, fostering connections and relationships that extend beyond the classroom walls. Immersive technology plays a crucial role in strengthening these ties, empowering educational institutions to engage with their local communities in meaningful ways. Through initiatives like the Connection to Sky project at Riverbanks College B-12, which celebrates the cultural heritage of the region’s Indigenous population, schools can leverage the Lumination Learning Lab solution to facilitate social connection and cultural appreciation. 

“The impact of this has been amazing because they’ve been so empowered. They’re really proud of what they’ve made, and they’ve made it all themselves. All they were taught was how, and then they just went ahead and made the rest themselves,” says Sophie Thorpe, Year 7/9 Digital Tech Teacher at Riverbanks College B-12.

By transcending the boundaries of traditional education, immersive technology enables schools to forge lasting bonds with the broader community, enriching the educational experience for all involved.

Increase the Reputation of Your School

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