The Benefits of Upskilling Educators to Use Immersive Technology


Date: 18th Apr 2024

Lumination Learning Labs are Empowering Teachers to Confidently Use XR Immersive Technology in the Classroom Environment

Lumination Learning Labs are bringing the key advantages of immersive technology to classrooms across Australia. Drawing on a range of extended reality (XR) solutions, our technology is enriching the learning experience for both students and teachers. To achieve this in a meaningful way, we need to invest in upskilling educators and making them more confident to use this new technology in the classroom.

The Changing Landscape of Education

We live in an exciting time for education. New technology is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in schools and destroying long-standing obstacles and barriers in the classroom. Disengaged students, vast disparities between standards of education across different social groups and geographical areas, frustrated and worn-out teachers – all of these things were once tolerated as ‘the reality’ of education. Not anymore.

But new opportunities also bring new challenges. If teachers are to leverage this exciting technology in the best possible way, they need the right skills and capabilities. This is where upskilling and training is going to be paramount in this new age of education.

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What Is Immersive Technology?

Immersive technology refers to solutions that place the user within a virtual situation. Quite literally, the user is ‘immersed’ in an experience. This can take a number of forms:

  • Virtual reality (VR) technology – A three dimensional experience of simulated environments for the user to explore.
  • Augmented reality (AR) technology – Superimposing virtual elements onto the user’s real-life environment.
  • Mixed reality (MR) technology – Drawing upon VR and real-life elements within an environment. The user can interact with real-life objects within the virtual simulation.

Together, these three different forms can be referred to as extended reality technology. In the classroom, XR technology supports new and exciting learning experiences, energising students and teachers alike.

The Benefits of Upskilling Educators

When you invest in upskilling educators so they can use MR, VR and AR immersive technology in their classrooms, you can expect a number of benefits.

Improved Teaching Methodology

Education is in a continuous state of development. As new best practices and aims emerge, educators need to remain ahead of the curve, implementing the latest methods alongside their own unique teaching styles. Upskilling educators and supporting them as they utilise immersive technology in their lesson plans is helping professionals do exactly that.

Immersive technology, such as AR and VR, is shaping the classroom of tomorrow. But in order to get the best out of this technology, teachers need to feel confident as they use it. Here at Lumination, we offer a number of different upskilling programs to achieve this. For instance, we offer structured support from a Lumination Learning Designer. Working alongside teachers at Kidman Park Primary School, our Learning Designer was able to increase teacher confidence by 38%, enabling these educators to deploy the latest methodologies in an effective way.

LeadMe classroom automation software is also integrated into all Lumination Learning Labs, providing teachers with centralised of the entire room. Teachers can easily launch lessons, control room automations and monitor student activity, leaving more time for learning and connecting with the students.

“The LeadMe tablet and the applications that are loaded on make it really accessible for teachers to be able to use. You don’t really need much tech-knowledge to be able to access the programs that are on there and to be able to set up the Lab,” says Kimberly Clayton, Assistant Head of Science at Girton Grammar School in Victoria.

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Better Student Engagement

In contemporary education, fostering student engagement entails more than just ensuring they stay focused; it requires creating immersive and stimulating learning environments. Extended Reality (XR) technology offers a groundbreaking approach by providing captivating experiences that translate abstract concepts into tangible realities.

Research consistently demonstrates the effectiveness of XR in achieving noticeable increases in student engagement levels, ensuring that all learners remain actively involved. By equipping educators with the necessary skills to seamlessly integrate XR into their teaching methodologies, we lay the foundation for a more inclusive and dynamic educational system where heightened engagement becomes the standard.

Through the adoption of XR technology, educators can unlock the potential for personalized learning experiences tailored to the unique needs of each student. By immersing students in simulations and interactive experiences, educators empower them to explore, experiment, and learn in a manner that aligns with their individual learning preferences. Furthermore, investing in teacher development ensures that educators possess the expertise needed to effectively leverage XR, fostering a culture of innovation and collaborative learning.

“[The Lumination Learning Lab] is definitely going to boost student outcomes, and it is a nice system. There’s lots of support,” says Rowan Hearne, Senior Leader – Learning Technology and Data at Riverbanks B-12 in South Austraila.

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Enhanced Learning Outcomes

It is of course important that students feel engaged, energised, and happy during their lessons, but education is also a results-driven field. These same students need to emerge from each lesson better equipped to achieve their projected learning outcomes.

Immersive technology introduces elements of ‘play’ to the classroom, but with the right implementation, these elements are structured and geared towards real results. Deploying immersive technology as part of the Lumination Learning Lab at Grange Primary School proved to be highly effective in achieving these aims.

Using handheld virtual reality devices and Google Earth VR, three Year 6 classes explored a unit on Asian geography. By the end of the unit, students could effectively explain Asia’s geographical diversity and talk about the way in which this geography interconnects across national borders. There was also a 155% increase in students who described geography classes as ‘fun’, underlining how valuable this technology is for student engagement.

“[The students have] really grasped what’s been said and it’s been wonderful to give them an avenue to be creative, and I think the Lab certainly does that,” said Daniel Moyle, Year 6 Teacher and Lab Champion at Grange Primary. “I would absolutely recommend using this technology.”

Teacher talks to students in Lab while they use devices for Geography unit

Increased Staff Engagement and Retention

Attracting and hiring skilled teachers is becoming a real challenge in Australia. By 2025, there will be a shortfall of 4,000 teachers across the country, and more than one-third of Victorian schools are already increasing their class sizes due to teacher shortages. Now more than ever, it’s not just students who must be engaged and energised – teachers do too.

In fact, student and teacher engagement go hand in hand. When students are using immersive technology to ignite their love of the subject matter and enhance their learning outcomes, teachers rightly feel that they are making a real difference in the lives of these young people. With classroom management tools built into solutions like Lumination Learning Labs, teachers have the support they need to work effectively. This can make a huge difference in the hiring process at your school and in keeping hold of the skilled professionals you already have.

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Implementing Upskilling Programs

How do you go about unlocking these benefits of upskilling? Here’s how Lumination is working to make this happen for schools across Australia.

  • Structured training programs – Courses like the Lumination Educators’ Program enable teachers to ‘learn by doing’, exploring the possibilities of immersive technology so they can bring this into the classroom. 
  • Certification and records of achievement – We offer certification across three levels, giving teachers a demonstrable record of their new skills.
  • Direct support from VR professionals – During implementation and onboarding, Lumination’s support professionals work alongside educators to achieve a seamless transition to new ways of teaching.

Unlock the Benefits of Immersive Technology in Your Classrooms

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