5 Ways Principals Can Overcome Tech Implementation Challenges

Author: Lumination

Date: 30th Aug 2023

Getting the Best Out of Augmented and Virtual Reality: Tech Implementation Solutions in Schools

The Lumination Learning Lab is leading the way in schools across the country, introducing augmented and virtual reality concepts to educators and students alike and surpassing their learning objectives. But we also understand there can be challenges involved in implementation.

Let’s take a look at five of those challenges and how principals can overcome them.

1. The Challenge: Resistance to Change

An adult looking over the shoulder of another at a laptop device

It’s natural to be a little distrustful of change, or even resistant to it. You probably want to implement immersive technology within the classroom at your school, but other teachers and stakeholders might not agree with you.

How to Overcome This:

Hold a meeting and discuss the benefits of implementing this type of technology in the classroom. Give all teachers and other stakeholders a chance to learn more about the benefits of learning using virtual and augmented technology via demos, case studies and other resources.

2. The Challenge: Training and Development

A teacher standing in a classroom with students at desks, and projected images on the walls

Teachers and other members of staff must embark on their own educational journey. They must discover how to use this new technology and in this case, how to get the best from the Lumination Learning Lab solution, during lesson planning and delivery.

How to Overcome This:

Here at Lumination, we provide training and support to all our users. Selecting the right EdTech partner will be key to your success. At Lumination we’re proud to employ former teachers who are experts in immersive learning and technology. They understand the challenges your teachers face when it comes to tech implementation, and will be with  them every step of the way to overcome them.

3. The Challenge: Cultural Shift

Over the shoulder POV of someone holding a tablet, with a projected screen in the background

When you implement new technology in your classrooms, you are creating profound changes that extend throughout the teaching and learning environment. This cultural shift can be difficult to manage and requires the right tools for adoption.

How to Overcome This:

We provide classroom management software solutions like LeadMe, which can help you evolve your teaching methods and accommodate the new technology in the learning environment. The intuitive design of the LeadMe software puts educators in control, easing the cultural transition at your school. The bespoke LeadMe software powering the Labs has made teaching with immersive learning as barrier-free as it comes, taking the burden off teachers to become technological experts when time is as limited.

4. The Challenge: Integration with the Curriculum

A person looking at a lesson plan on a laptop

The Lumination Learning Lab technology directly supports teaching and educational goals, making a real difference in the classroom. With a variety of year levels and subjects to account for, how can your staff easily integrate this tech into lessons?

How to Overcome This:

Work with our team, utilising lesson plans and other resources. We’ve designed the Lumination Learning Lab to support real learning outcomes, and we offer a wealth of different resources designed to make this happen, streamlining tech implementation across the school.

5. The Challenge: Infrastructure and Technical Support

Two people looking at a laptop, displaying the Lumination website

Even if everyone is on board with the tech implementation, you will struggle to achieve the results you need if your infrastructure and technology are not up to scratch.

How to Overcome This:

Audit your school’s digital network, hardware and software, making sure the specifications support the Lab’s technical requirements. Where possible, implement a responsive technical support system, ironing out any issues that may arise while the technology is in use in the classroom. We can work closely with your school’s IT teams to help you make sure of this.

Lumination Learning Labs: Leading the Way in Educational Technology

Bringing new technology into your classroom environment can be a little daunting, not to mention challenging. We’ve only covered five of these challenges today, but these are some of the most common ones we’ve encountered when speaking with our users.

Learn more about how Principals Can Support Teachers as Learners or request a demo to get started implementing immersive technology into your school.

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