LeadMe Transforms Virtual Reality In Schools

Author: Lumination

Date: 09th Jun 2023

Here’s Why Teachers Love LeadMe — Lumination’s VR-based Learning Solution

Virtual reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) has been part of the education landscape for a while, but it’s mainly been used to provide an individualised experience for school students. Students enjoy immersive learning, and they can gain a great deal from VR, they can now create as well as consume content encouraging active learning. With Lumination Learning Labs, powered by the LeadMe software, we are making immersive learning accessible and easy to use.

LeadMe has been designed to make teaching using immersive technology easier. The days of a drawn-out set-up process are over — teachers no longer have to make sure all devices are switched on, and ready for action. Instead, it’s all handled at the touch of a button via the LeadMe tablet and software, serving as the enabler for truly collaborative, interactive implementation of VR and in the classroom.

From Handheld VR to Fully Connected Stations

The shift from handheld VR and MR devices to inherently connected learning stations has been key to the development of our Labs. Handheld devices have a huge role to play, towards an individualised experience. We deploy these types of devices as a part of an overall process of collaborative learning; station-based learning.

This approach helps us make sure all students can access and engage with the lesson material in an active manner, with the station’s screen providing direct access for a larger group of students, rather than just one student at a time. We believe this is vital to achieving real impact through VR-based learning, as so many important skills come from working together and engaging as a group rather than individually.

Making this Possible with LeadMe

The combination of software and hardware we utilise as we create the Lab is designed to put collaborative, VR-based learning into the hands of educators and students across Australia, and to help more students experience the benefits of active learning. But how exactly do we achieve this? In what ways are LeadMe and the Lumination Learning Lab changing how skills are learned in the classroom?

Understanding LeadMe

LeadMe is a classroom management software designed by the Lumination team, enabling teachers and classroom leaders to control all aspects of the Lab from a single centralised location. The software itself is accessed via the digital interface, through the LeadMe tablet.

When the teacher needs to turn off the lights and close the blinds, setting the right environment for VR-based learning in schools and classrooms, they can do so via the software and the tablet. When they need to launch, pause or modify the experience so that it fits seamlessly into a broader lesson plan, this is achievable too via the intuitive interface.

How LeadMe Takes VR-based Learning to the Next Level

LeadMe was developed specifically with the Lumination Learning Lab in mind, which means it is perfectly suited to elevating VR-based learning to a whole new level.

Supporting Accessibility

LeadMe is easy to use and connects to immersive technology, breaking down barriers and obstacles that may previously restricted access to virtual reality (VR) in school classrooms.

Implementing Smart Automation

Automated control settings and profile templates enhance ease of use still further. Teachers can create automated presets for lighting, AV equipment, blinds, and other aspects of the school’s classroom, enabling swift transitions into the VR learning environment.

Group-based Learning

Teachers launch VR and MR experiences directly from the software application, bringing all students on board with the virtual reality learning experience. Students can work through the same experiences simultaneously or the teacher can control multiple experiences at once.

Tailoring the Experience

This is accomplished with easy tailoring over the experience, as teachers utilise the intuitive UX design of the LeadMe tablet and application to differentiate the lesson for individual learners.

Integrating VR and MR Seamlessly and Effortlessly

The modern classroom already features sophisticated technology designed to help students attain their learning outcomes and objectives. LeadMe is not supposed to replace this technology, but enhances it. This is why we made it easy to integrate the software into existing systems. It’s also possible to upload pre-existing custom VR creations from your students, ready for testing and presentation. Integration becomes seamless, intuitive, and effortless.

What Teachers are Saying About LeadMe

Year 6 Teacher, Daniel Moyle, used the Lab to increase engagement in his geography unit on Asia. This is what he had to say:

“The LeadMe tablet was extremely accessible and user-friendly. With a simple click of a button, I could launch directly into a virtual world and prepare learners for a memorable experience.”

Using the tablet and the software, Daniel was able to load up Google Earth VR on the IMVR for his students, who then followed his lesson. From here, students found and explored different areas of Asia.

Exciting Features Coming to LeadMe

The future of LeadMe is looking bright. A number of exciting features are in development and will be added to make using immersive technology even easier in the classroom.

Lesson Plan Monitoring – Teachers will be able to share a link and monitor student devices to ensure they remain on task.

Content Sharing – Teachers will be able to share a list of content and push this to all student devices in a classroom.

These new features will be available on LeadMe soon.

LeadMe — Backed up by Lumination’s Educational Support

We’ve designed LeadMe to be intuitive and easy-to-use, enabling self-sufficient VR and MR implementation in the classroom, and delivering profound changes to the learning environment.

But this doesn’t mean teachers have to go it alone. Instead, we backup our LeadMe with educational and technical support delivered by our expert team. Teachers can browse the Lumination Education Centre to find lesson plans and other useful content, or can reach out to our team directly for guidance and assistance on immersive learning best practices.

Want to discover more about how LeadMe and the Lumination Learning Labs offering can help you achieve great things from virtual reality-based learning in your classroom? Check out our Insights and Use Cases to understand how the offerings work in practice, or book a demo of our products to see how you and your students will benefit.


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