Endeavour College's Smart Classroom Transformation

Step into the future of education in Endeavour College's Discovery Centre, where the Lumination Learning Lab redefines immersive learning.

A Technological Rennaisance

Endeavour College, a vibrant hub of learning in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, emerged in 1998 from a shared vision among Lutheran educational institutions. With over 750 students, it stands as a beacon of holistic education, fostering minds, hearts, and spirits from Years 7-12. Driven by a commitment to empower every student’s unique potential, the college embarked on a transformative journey with their new Lumination Learning Lab – creating a space designed to propel students into the future with unparalleled educational experiences.

Future-Focused Transformation: A Leader's Vision

Endeavour College transformed their existing library into a space fit for immersive and future-focused learning with a Lumination Learning Lab. Principal Richard Baird recognized a unique opportunity for the College to assert its leadership in technology, leveraging its strategic proximity to UniSA in Mawson Lakes.

“It’s not about being first,” says Mr. Baird. “It’s about being prepared; preparing our students for a future workplace by enriching their learning experience so that when they leave Endeavour, they have an empathetic understanding of the world beyond the immediate.”

With a focus on nurturing student agency and preparing them for the dynamic challenges of tomorrow’s workforce, Endeavour College has implemented immersive technology to revolutionise its pedagogical approach.

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Endeavour College Lumination Learning Lab Before And After
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Embracing Immersive Learning

Endeavour College has embraced a technological renaissance with the unveiling of its latest smart classroom—a space where tradition meets innovation. The three-station Lumination Learning Lab, equipped with advanced projectors, safety rings, and high-performance computers, represents a significant leap into the world of immersive technology.

LeadMe automation software ensures a seamless integration of technology into the learning environment, providing students with an immersive and engaging educational experience.

Endeavour College Lumination Learning Lab3

Shaping the Future of Education

Endeavour College’s Lumination Learning Lab is empowering educators and students with the tools to enhance confidence and seamlessly integrate innovative teaching and learning methods.

Beyond passive consumption, students at Endeavour College are actively becoming co-creators of immersive learning experiences, fostering deeper engagement and comprehension across a spectrum of subjects. This proactive approach not only empowers students’ curiosity but also encourages them to take ownership of their learning journey. The technology is also being implemented into a range of subject areas, including Year 12 Essential English, where students are leading a project to develop lesson plans incorporating immersive technology to empower educators to seamlessly integrate immersive technology into their teaching methods

Empowering Student Engagement

Sandra Barry, the Director of Learning at Endeavour College, expresses excitement about the transformation, stating, “This space allows for a significant enhancement to learning through experiences. And it gives real-world opportunities for students to engage directly with the technology itself as a creative tool.” The Lumination Learning Lab is not just a physical space; it’s a gateway to real-world applications and creative exploration.

Since embracing the Lumination Learning Lab, Endeavour College has witnessed a remarkable transformation in their educational landscape. Students are showing increased levels of autonomy and agency, displaying an excitement for learning. By facilitating self-paced exploration during non-traditional hours, such as lunch breaks and OSHC, students are gaining a deeper connection to their learning.

Endeavour College Lumination Learning Lab

Expert Education Support

Endeavour College students and educators also benefit from expert education support from the Lumination Education team. From onboarding and professional development sessions to lesson plan creation aligned with specific curriculum focus areas, the education team ensures Endeavour College is empowered to use their Lab.

“We are excited to partner with Endeavour College on their immersive learning journey. The launch of the Learning Lab is not just the launch of a physical space, but a launch into the future of education for the staff and students,” says Rebecca Bendikov, Head of Education at Lumination.

Endeavour College Lumination Learning Lab

Unleashing Possibilities

Endeavour College paves the way for immersive and technologically advanced learning environments. The Lumination Learning Lab opens up a world of possibilities for students, extending beyond the realms of STEM careers. The immersive technology allows students to explore their local, international, and virtual worlds, fostering representation and belonging within the diverse student community.

Endeavour College’s transformed library is a testament to the institution’s commitment to providing students with the tools they need to thrive in the future. The immersive technology, combined with traditional teaching experiences, positions students as future leaders who can innovate, problem-solve, and contribute to creating a better future for all.

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