Goolwa Secondary is Preparing Students for Future Careers with Work Window

As part of their Summer Jobs Program, Goolwa Secondary used the Work Window experience in their Lumination Learning Lab to prepare its student for future careers through job exploration.

Exploring Future Career Pathways

Goolwa Secondary leads the way in readying students for future careers through the immersive Work Window experience in their Lumination Learning Lab. Engaging in hands-on exploration, students not only acquire insights into various career paths but also become well-prepared for the opportunities that await them beyond school.

Work Window allows students to take part in job shadowing and virtual work experience across a range of careers, including Carpentry, Firefighting, Fitting and Turning, Landscape Architecture and Water Engineering.

Mastering Job Interviews Through Virtual Reality

The year 9 students also used the Work Window experience to refine their interviewing skills with a Virtual Reality Interview Simulator. The simulator puts students through a realistic job interview and provides feedback based on punctuation and presentation, quality of response, eye contact and volume.

Preparing Students for Future Careers

The Work Window experience has seen initial results for students, with many saying their preparedness for future careers has increased and their confidence in interviewing and preparing for jobs has improved.

We look forward to sharing the full case study results very soon.

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