Basic World Building in CoSpaces

Task Summary

Once you have your CoSpaces accounts set-up for your classroom, you can introduce basic world building skills to your students. This is best done through a video or live demonstration. You can follow this tutorial to do a class demonstration. Learn how to start basic world building in CoSpaces.

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Step-by-step guide

  1. Get students to log-in to their CoSpaces account.
  2. For open exploration, ask students to go to ‘Free Play’ in the main navigation section. If you have 02 assigned a specific project, ask students to go to ‘Class’ then ‘Assignment’.
  3. Ask students to click or tap on the ‘Create CoSpace’ button to get started with world building.
  4. Students will then get the option to choose a scene.

Here, you’ll find three main options to select a scene:

  • 3D environment – This is the general 3D world in CoSpaces that may be viewable in VR or AR.
  • 360° image – This is where a 360° image may be used as the background of the world. This image may be imported from the web or from a 360° camera that the students can use. Lumination’s Media Creation Kit includes a 360° camera, or can be included as an add-on in Lumination’s VR/AR Education Kit.
  • Merge Cube – Pro users can additionally purchase the Merge Cube add-on. This is great for AR creation using Merge Cubes, which are included in Lumination’s VR/AR Education Kits and Media Creation Kits.
  • For this tutorial, we will use the 3D environment option. Basic accounts will only have the ‘Empty Scene’ option. Pro accounts will find the other options you can see in the screenshot. Get students to choose ‘Empty Scene’.

Download the PDF for more information.

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