LeadMe: Turning LED Rings On and Off

LeadMe allows the user to control the environment inside a Lumination Learning Lab. A component of a Lab is the LED rings that control the safety of a user inside the experience. To turn the LED rings on or off using LeadMe follow this guide.

Step 1

To turn on the LED rings inside a Lumination Learning Lab grab the LeadMe tablet.

Step 2

On the left hand side select Room Controls.

Homepage on LeadMe where you can control a Lumination Learning Lab

Step 3

A sub-menu will open. Select LED rings.

LeadMe home room controls option selected

Step 4

All available LED rings will be displayed. If the LED rings are marked OFF you will need to tap each ring you want to turn on. The status of the individual rings will change to ON.

LED rings have been switched on using LeadMe

Turning LED Rings Off

Follow the steps above. If the rings are marked as ON, tap the ring again and the status will be marked as OFF.

LED rings have been switched off on LeadMe.

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