LeadMe: Loading Custom VR Experience Onto LeadMe

LeadMe has been updated to allow users to load their own custom experiences into the VR library, ready to be accessed inside a Lumination Learning Lab. To add new custom VR experiences to LeadMe follow the steps below.


Note: You will need to use the keyboard to complete these steps for each station in your Lumination Learning Lab.


Step 1

Navigate to the bottom right icon tray on the station’s computer.

Right click the LeadMe Launcher icon and select Show App.

LeadMe Launcher icon Navigate to right hand menu for loading custom experiences in LeadMe



Step 2

Once opened, click Import on the left hand menu.

Navigate to import on the experience in LeadMe


Step 3

On the Import Wizard pop up, type the name of the experience into the box provided.

This will become the display name for this experience in the LeadMe Labs VR library.

Name the customer experience when loading


Step 4

Staying in the Import Wizard popup, click Find file. In the file explorer that appears, navigate to the folder containing the experience you want to load into the LeadMe VR library.

Once found, select the executable file (.exe) then click Open. The file explorer will close and the path will be displayed on the Import Wizard popup. Finally, click Save.

Find the custom experience file you need


Step 5

On the left hand menu, click on the name of the experience to open its individual settings page.

For the correct launch and control of an imported custom VR experience, the VR Manifest box must be checked. If it is not already checked, click it to select it.

New functionality has been added for a custom experience to be loaded onto LeadMe


Step 6 (optional)

If desired, you can add an image to be shown inside the LeadMe Labs VR library. To do this, click on the name of the experience in the left hand menu to open its individual settings page.

Click Find Image then use the file explorer to navigate to the image you wish to load. Select the desired image, then click Open. Images must be 460px by 215px in .jpg format only.

Custom Experience Photoname


Once selected, you will be returned to the LeadMe Launcher and an image preview will be displayed.


Load image for custom experience inside LeadMe


Step 7

On the LeadMe Labs tablet, tap VR Library and then tap refresh in the top right corner. Your new experience should appear.

LeadMe allows you to launch virtual reality experiences inside a Lumination Learning Lab



Deleting Custom Experiences

Custom experiences can be removed from the LeadMe Labs tablet by using the LeadMe Launcher.

In the LeadMe Launcher, click on the experience name in the left hand menu, and then click the delete button.

Note: This will not uninstall or delete the experience or associated work itself, it will simply break the link between LeadMe and the folder.

New functionality has been added for a custom experience to be loaded onto LeadMe

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