Embracing the Future of Education in Regional South Australia

Author: Lumination

Date: 07th Feb 2024

Ardrossan Area School is Entering the Future of Education, Putting Student Agency and Creativity at the Forefront with New Lumination Learning Lab

The launch of the new smart classroom sees the 150 student school following through on its commitment to inclusive education and fostering creativity. The Lab provides students and educators with the tools to immerse themselves in transformative experiences, paving the way for promising future endeavours.

“Our whole vision is around our kids developing the skills they need for the future – problem solving, creativity, curiousity – all of these things will be developed even further using these tools,” says Margaret Roads, Principal of Ardrossan Area School.

The school embraced the school community, allowing parents and friends to experience the Lumination Learning Lab first-hand and witness the increase in confidence, leadership and engagement shown by the students.

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Introducing Cutting-Edge Technology

The Lumination Learning Lab at Ardrossan Area School showcases a strong dedication to immersive education with a state-of-the-art three station setup, complete with cutting-edge immersive technology and software. Educators also have access to LeadMe automation software, enabling seamless control of the lab and access to curriculum-aligned experiences at the touch of a button.

The lab is fully equipped with projectors, safety rings and blackout blinds and ample viewing space, perfect for station-based learning. These features provide students with immersive learning opportunities that captivate and ignite their educational pursuits.

By bringing immersive technology to the school, Ardrossan Area School is taking steps to be the latest school in leading the field of immersive education, preparing their students for a future where AI and immersive technology will be big players in the workforce.

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Equitable Education for Regional Schools

The implementation of immersive technology in regional areas helps bridge the divide that persists between rural and urban school settings, as well as among students with varying socio-economic backgrounds.

Immersive learning provides students with access to experiences they would otherwise not have access to due to travel, time and cost constraints. Students can travel around the world, explore the depths of the ocean, dissect a frog and even play their favourite sport, all without leaving the classroom. It turns educational lessons into thrilling journeys, where discovery, exploration, and endless inspiration reign supreme, unconstrained by costs, safety worries, or time limits.

Passionate about providing students with access to experiences they may not otherwise encounter in regional South Australia, Margaret is excited to witness how immersive learning can enrich their understanding and expand their horizons. “For our kids in the country, it is really important we give them these experiences. It doesn’t replace what you do in real life but it adds to what we are able to do,” she says.

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Professional Development for Educators

The Lab Champions at Ardrossan Area School have access to 2 years of educational support from the expert Education team at Lumination, which will include continued professional development through courses, curriculum planning, and technical support and training with our Learning Designers.

Our Learning Design Team, consisting of registered teachers and seasoned educators, are passionate about the integration of emerging technologies in classrooms. With their wealth of experience, they provide tailored support to empower fellow educators in embracing innovation and enhancing student learning experiences.

“We have a team of Lab Champions – 6 of our teaching staff – who have commenced their professional learning last year and will continue that over the next 2 years to implement our tools into our learning programs,” says Margaret.

Explore a Lumination Learning Lab

Curious about how a Lumination Learning Lab can revolutionize learning in your school? Reach out to our team to book a demo and experience firsthand how a smart classroom can fuel innovation and elevate student engagement in your school.

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