Empowering Regional Schools with Immersive Learning

Author: Lumination

Date: 07th Feb 2024

How XR, VR, and AR Technologies are Bringing Immersive Learning to Classrooms in Regional Schools

The Lumination Learning Lab is a station-based XR (extended reality) smart classroom solution that leverages the full benefit of virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) technology. While schools across the country are using immersive technology to empower their learners and increase engagement, it is schools in regional and rural areas that have a unique opportunity to thrive in a smart classroom.

Find out more about how our Lab solution is bringing immersive learning and equitable education to students across regional Australia.


Lumination Learning Lab Launch 31

Port Lincoln High School is benefiting from the use of Immersive Learning

Access to Advanced Technology

In the ever-evolving landscape of education in Australia, the need to address disparities within the system has never been more important. A UNICEF report placed Australia in the bottom third of the 39 OECD countries in its equitable education rankings. Another report issued by the Grattan Institute found “alarmingly wide” learning gaps between students of different backgrounds — gaps that worsen as students progress through the education system. These statistics underscore the need for innovative solutions to uplift the educational experience for all.

The average 15-year-old student from remote Australia is around 1.5 years behind metropolitan students in science and significantly below the international average in mathematics. These discrepancies are influenced by a limited access to technology and program resources.

The immersive learning experiences facilitated by AR and VR technologies transcend the limitations of traditional classroom settings. Focused on harnessing the power of advanced Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, Lumination Learning Labs bridge the divide that persists not only between rural and urban settings but also among students with varying socio-economic backgrounds.

Deputy Principal at Port Lincoln High School, Lesley Warren, has seen immense benefit in immersive learning. “In rural towns, we are often playing catch up, particularly with technology, so it’s great that we can be a leader in this area,” she said about the launch of the Lumination Learning Lab at the regional high school.

The immersive nature of AR and VR not only captures and retains students’ attention but also enhances comprehension by turning abstract or complicated concepts into tangible, interactive experiences. This is pivotal in creating an engaging environment for students to learn and grow.


Goolwa Secondary Immersive Learning Career Exploration

Goolwa Secondary Immersive Learning Career Exploration

Career Guidance and Exposure

Immersive technology plays a pivotal role in revolutionizing career guidance and exposure for students in regional schools, addressing challenges in preparing them for the job market. In many remote areas, students face limited exposure to diverse career opportunities due to geographical constraints. Immersive technology and virtual reality experiences can transport students to unique work environments, offering a firsthand glimpse into various professions. From virtual company tours to interactive work experience, this technology provides invaluable insights, broadening students’ perspectives and helping them make informed decisions about their future career paths.

Experiences such as Work Window, an engaging career discovery tool, equip students with the resources to delve into a realm of captivating career possibilities. This includes interactive features like job shadowing and simulated job interviews, providing invaluable practical experiences that contribute to informed career decision-making.

Regional South Australian school, Goolwa Secondary College, has implemented the Work Window experience within their classrooms, exposing students to virtual work experience simulations and refined their interpersonal skills and confidence through the job interview simulator. “Especially in our regional context, having access to resources like [Work Window], that may only exist in specific locations and metropolitan centres, provides our young people with opportunities that they might not have otherwise,” says Travis Roach, Deputy Principal at the school.

By bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications, smart classrooms fit with immersive technology empower students in regional schools and equip them with the skills and exposure necessary to navigate the job search process with confidence and competence. As students explore various career avenues in a virtual space, they are better prepared for the reality of the professional world, therefore ensuring a smoother transition from education to employment.


In the Lumination Lab we see teachers as learners, working with students to navigate virtual reality

Girton Grammar School in regional Victoria is transforming its lessons to increase student engagement with cutting-edge technology

Engaging Learning Experiences

Learning by doing is an age-old concept in education, but this hasn’t always been possible. Not all students have access to hands-on, practical resources, and so they miss out on valuable learning opportunities. Lumination Learning Labs provide an solution to this issue, revolutionising education with its immersive solutions.

Lumination Learning Lab ensures that students across Australia, including those in regional schools, can experience thrilling levels of engagement with inherently immersive technology. Virtual excursions like “Journey Through Asia” and “Street Art Around the World” go beyond lesson plans, offering unparalleled learning experiences that break down geographical barriers. 

By bringing the world into classrooms through immersive technologies, Lumination Learning Lab not only addresses educational gaps but also sparks a paradigm shift in how students approach learning. It transforms lessons into captivating adventures, making education a journey of discovery, exploration, and boundless inspiration without cost limitations, safety concerns, and time restraints being a deciding factor.

“Through the Lumination Learning Lab, our students will learn how to explore, innovate, and collaborate with cutting-edge technology,“ says Dr Emma O’Rielly, Principal at Girton Grammar School, a regional school in Bendigo that made history by becoming the first school in Victoria to unveil a Lumination Learning Lab.


Ardrossan Lab Launch 77

The recently launched Lumination Learning Lab at Ardrossan Area School allows the students at the regional school to connect with the community with Immersive Technology

STEM Education Enhancement and Specialised Courses

The Department of Education has identified science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — or STEM — fields as critical to the country’s development. Alongside these disciplines, students must develop “21st century skills,” such as creativity, cultural awareness, collaboration, and problem-solving. Lumination Learning Labs emerge as a cutting-edge initiative dedicated to not only fostering proficiency in STEM but also cultivating the holistic skill set required for success in the contemporary world.

While the importance of STEM education is widely acknowledged, the geographical divide in educational opportunities persists, particularly in more remote areas of Australia. Traditionally, institutions in these regions have grappled with the challenge of providing students with the same opportunities as their counterparts in capital cities. 

The use of immersive technology in a smart classroom allows schools in regional areas to equip students with the same opportunities afforded to those in capital cities – delivering an engaging and collaborative learning environment for learners in remote and regional areas.

In regional schools, where access to hands-on experiences may be constrained, a smart classroom becomes a catalyst for unlocking the full potential of every student.


Ceduna Immersive Learning

Ceduna Area School in regional South Australia is fostering a culture of continuous professional development for its educators

Professional Development for Educators

Offering professional development to teachers in regional areas not only enhances the quality of education by keeping educators updated on the latest methodologies, but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Professional development also promotes equity and inclusivity for teachers in the education system, elevating educator skills and contributing to the overall success of regional schools.

The Lumination Education team of registered teachers and experienced educators, offer a wide range of professional development opportunities, including technical and education onboarding when immersive technology is purchased by the school, as well as in-person curriculum alignment, curriculum planning, CoSpaces, and other technical training.

Another regional school benefiting from Lumination’s expert education support is Ardrossan Area School. With 150 students in the regional South Australian town, educators will receive 2 years of ongoing professional learning support, allowing them to develop their knowledge of the new technology. “We have a team of Lab Champions who have commenced their professional learning last year and will continue that over the next 2 years to implement our tools into our learning programs”, says Margaret Roads, Ardrossan Area School Principal.

The Lumination Education Centre also delivers remote access to learning resources and education support for teachers in regional areas, providing lesson plans, basic technical training courses and advice for utilising immersive technology in your smart classroom.

Achieve Equitable Education with Lumination Learning Lab Remote Education Technology

To discover how your school can leverage the full benefit of immersive learning in regional or rural areas across Australia, book a demo of the Lumination Learning Lab and witness the power of immersive technology for yourself.

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