Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators with Immersive Learning at Grange Primary School


Date: 24th Oct 2023

In the world of education, immersive learning is introducing innovative ways to engage students and foster collaboration is essential

This term, our education team worked with 24 enthusiastic Year 5 students at Grange Primary School, immersing them in a world of experiential learning through the school’s Lumination Learning Lab.

Lumination Learning Designer Naomi Guglielmo and Learning Lab Mentor David Milne took these young minds on a captivating journey into the realm of Extended Reality (XR). During a full-day incursion, students used XR technology to explore innovative ways to prevent environmental issues.

Grange Primary School Lumination Learning Lab4

The Immersive Experience

The Lumination Learning Lab, equipped with hand-held Virtual Reality (VR) devices and TinkerCAD, became the playground for these young innovators.

In small groups, guided by Naomi and David, students embarked on a mission to identify innovative solutions to their chosen sustainability issue. The task was not only to brainstorm ideas but to bring them to life in the most creative and impactful way possible.

Solving Real World Problems

The culmination of their hard work was a series of short ‘Shark Tank’ style pitches. The students presented their visionary projects to their class and teacher, with each presentation having a unique and creative approach to tackle sustainability problems.

One group proposed a laser device capable of delicately removing bark from trees, a process that could be used to create paper and pencils without causing deforestation. This ingenious idea addressed the critical issue of preserving Australia’s lush forests while promoting sustainable production.

Another group took on the challenge of developing an alarm system designed to detect Australian animals crossing borders illegally. This inventive solution aimed to combat the illegal trade of native wildlife, contributing to the protection of Australia’s unique fauna.

Grange Primary School Lumination Learning Lab

Immersive Learning in Action

Using a Lumination Learning Lab in school goes beyond traditional teaching methods. It opens up exciting opportunities for students and teachers to actively participate in immersive learning experiences.

Schools with a Lumination Learning Lab will work with our education team to collaborate on an XR project tailored to a curriculum focus and school educational objectives. Whether it’s a pilot project, a research endeavor, or a stimulating XR challenge for students, the Lumination Learning Lab, and our education team will support  support every step of the way.

The XR Project at Grange Primary School is an example of the incredible potential that immersive learning holds in inspiring creativity, fostering collaboration, and nurturing problem-solving skills in the classroom. By addressing real-world issues, these young minds are actively contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future.

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