How Schools Found Space for a Smart Classroom

Author: Lumination

Date: 24th Oct 2023

Smart classrooms are the way forward, but how do you find the space for VR and AR learning experiences?

Enhancing the educational experience for your students goes beyond providing the best possible resources, it also involves addressing concerns such as space and practicality. It is important to strike a balance between new technology and the preservation of space for other school activities, guaranteeing that the new technology does not encroach on or devalue the experience for other students.

To give you some inspiration, here are a few of the ways some of our other clients are getting the most out of their school’s space to implement a Lumination Learning Lab.

Converting the Resource Centre

At Grange Primary School in South Australia, the team wanted to integrate the Lumination Learning Lab into their comprehensive resource center, recognizing the potential of Lumination’s technology to enhance the educational experience. To achieve this integration seamlessly, they partnered with our team to repurpose a designated section within the existing center, ensuring they weren’t compromising any space for other activities.

This conversion reflects the school’s vision of fostering a comprehensive learning experience for their students, that harnesses the power of technology while maintaining the ability to support various other aspects of the school’s educational mission.


Grange Lumination Learning Lab Before And After

Before And After – Grange Primary School’s Lumination Learning Lab

Getting More out of the Media Centre

Kidman Park Primary School in South Australia decided to combine their media centre with their new Lumination Learning Lab space. Now, the revamped space is fully equipped for immersive virtual reality learning and offers additional functionalities, including podcast hosting, video production, and green screen shooting.

The media centre has now become a versatile hub for diverse educational needs, demonstrating the school’s dedication to a well-rounded learning experience for its students, embracing technology as a tool to increase student learning outcomes and opportunities.


Kidman Park Lumination Learning Lab Before And After

Kidman Park Lumination Learning Lab Before And After

Not Letting Classroom Areas Go to Waste

Lumination Learning Labs have the potential to leverage the most from the learning environment, elevating regular classrooms into immersive experiences, enhancing student engagement.

At Adelaide High School and Loreto College Marryataville, they recognised this potential and earmarked under-used classroom spaces as dedicated Lumination Learning Lab locations. These smart classrooms now represent the school’s commitment to modern learning, where interactive technology seamlessly integrates with traditional teaching methods to create an engaging and dynamic educational experience.


Loreto Lumination Learning Lab Before And After

Loreto College Lumination Learning Lab – Before And After

Getting the Most from Your Lab

Space is a premium in many schools, and you want to make sure you’re getting the best out of your Lab. Here’s how you can do this:

Go beyond the main use

Lumination Learning Lab is not limited to immersive classroom experiences and VR/AR learning. The Lab offers three modes to cater to a range of educational needs:

  • Classroom Mode, which transforms the space into a flexible classroom environment, suitable for diverse applications such as station-based learning with augmented reality. This mode allows for the use of projectors for presentations and media displays, enhancing the learning experience. This space can also be used for traditional teaching methods.
  • Virtual Reality Mode takes learning to the next level by creating an immersive virtual reality (VR) environment, enabling students and educators to collaborate and engage in VR experiences.
  • Presentation Mode, turning the Lab into a dedicated space for showcasing content on screens, fostering group interaction and facilitating presentations to groups or leaders. This is an ideal place for hosting events as well.

These modes ensure the Lab has many uses within the space. In fact, no space is lost but rather gained to various educational lessons.

See what students can do with the space

Granting your STEM club or other student groups access to the Lab ensures optimal use of its technology, enriching the learning experience and fostering innovation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The Lab also provides a space for studio and elective classes, encouraging creativity and creating a space for students to explore and develop their interests.

Discover How You Can Transform Your Space into a Smart Classroom

To learn more about what the Lab can do, take a look for yourself — reach out to our team to book a demo. If you need support on how the Lab technology can fit into your space, get in touch with our friendly experts.

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