The Smart Classroom Revolution Has Made Its Way to New South Wales

Author: Lumination

Date: 24th Oct 2023

Holroyd High School Leads Educational Innovation with New Lumination Learning Lab

In a groundbreaking partnership with Holroyd High School, Lumination has inaugurated the very first Lumination Learning Lab in New South Wales, marking a substantial leap forward in educational innovation. The launch of this cutting-edge learning space is set to benefit students at Holroyd, many of whom hail from refugee backgrounds, reaffirming the commitment to equitable education.

Holroyd High School New South Wales Lumination Learning Lab

A Beacon of Hope for Refugee Students

Nestled in the heart of Western Sydney, Holroyd High School has earned a reputation as the “school of hope” for refugee students. Most of its students arrive with little to no proficiency in the English language. However, with the introduction of the Intensive English Centre (IEC) and a state-of-the-art smart classroom, the school is ensuring that accessibility is on the rise.

Empowering Students for an Ever-Evolving World

Edward Carlson, CEO at Lumination, expresses his enthusiasm for this transformative initiative, stating, “Together with leaders in education, our goal is to empower all students with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving world. We are proud to open the first smart classroom in New South Wales at Holroyd High School.”

The Lumination Learning Lab at Holroyd High School is a testament to this commitment, offering a five-station immersive setup equipped with the latest in immersive technology and software. Features include industry-leading virtual reality and augmented reality hardware. Additionally, teachers will be equipped with LeadMe software, allowing them to control the Lumination Learning Lab at the touch of a button, granting them access to experiences directly linked to the curriculum while maintaining control over the classroom environment for optimal immersive learning.

Each of the five learning stations is equipped with projectors, safety rings, blackout blinds, viewing space, and high-powered computers, providing students with the opportunity for immersive learning that engages and inspires their educational journey.

Holroyd High School New South Wales Lumination Learning Lab

Catering to Diverse Learning Needs

The Lumination Learning Lab provides an immersive learning experience. Lesson plans, interactive learning content, and curriculum-linked resources are now readily available to both students and staff. This shift to interactive learning promises to make education more engaging and effective.

Rebecca Franklin, Relieving Principal at Holroyd, expresses her pride in offering this emerging technology to their students, many of whom are newcomers to Australia. She states, “With the Lumination Learning Lab, our students now have access to tools that supplement their learning in a variety of ways. Whether they are exploring the Amazon, building chain reactions, or designing a sustainable city, their learning is coming to life.”

A Model for the Future

This Lumination Learning Lab at Holroyd High School is just the first of seven schools scheduled to open in New South Wales over the coming months. This milestone represents a significant stride forward in the future of education in Australia.

Holroyd High School, New South Wales Lumination Learning Lab Launch Smart Classroom

Explore a Lumination Learning Lab

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