Virtual Excursions: Broadening Horizons with VR

Author: Lumination

Date: 19th Oct 2023

VR and AR technology gives students new and exciting experiences and Lumination Learning Labs are at the forefront

Educational excursions are an essential part of the student experience, proven to increase interest levels and provide learners with a more comprehensive and well-rounded approach to learning. It is great for students to be able to step out of the bounds of a traditional classroom, exploring new environments and engaging with unfamiliar concepts. However excursions aren’t always feasible, due to cost limitations, safety concerns, and time restraints.

This is another space where AR and VR technologies are enhancing the learning experience for students, providing access to virtual excursions to places and experiences they could only dream about in generations gone by. These include historical experiences, bringing the past to life, as well as voyages of scientific discovery and cultural examinations creating a deeper connection between students and the world they are learning about.

Let’s take a look at how this could work in your school in a Lumination Learning Lab.

Where can your students go?

Excursions are all about enhancing learning by taking students beyond the classroom’s four walls, sparking their curiosity and expanding their horizons. In the realm of virtual explorations, the possibilities are limitless.

Anywhere and Everywhere

Google Earth allows for students to learn and explore across the globe, visiting cities, landmarks, and natural wonders in an immersive environment. Students can engage with cinematic tours and destinations around the world, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Colosseum in Rome, and the Grand Canyon in the USA. Google Earth elevates the standard Geography, Maths, and Earth and Space Sciences experience, with a field trip around the world.

Journey Through Asia

The Journey Through Asia lesson plan developed by Lumination’s Education team has been captivating students, transporting them to various countries across the continent using Immersive Virtual Reality (IMVR) and Handheld Virtual Reality (HHVR) tools in the classroom. Your students can learn about the history and culture of the region and take a tour of significant historical sites, all while increasing engagement and achieving key learning outcomes within the Geography curriculum.

Two students use virtual reality to explore Tokyo, with location showing via Google Earth VR application on screen

Street Art Around the World

Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of street art that is lighting up communities around the world. They can delve deeper into the street art culture, understanding the artists’ inspirations, and the powerful messages behind their creations.

With Google Tilt Brush, students can then pick up a virtual brush and let their creativity flow, bringing their own ideas to life while connecting with the Arts curriculum on a practical level.

What historic sites can they see?

When virtual reality is deployed in the classroom, students can get closer to history, engaging with the subject in a way that develops a deeper connection. So what fascinating sites and locations await in these immersive virtual experiences?

Ancient Egyptian Tombs

Visiting the tomb of Queen Nefertari in Egypt’s Valley of the Queens takes students back three millennia. In this lesson plan, students get up close with this remarkable Ancient Egyptian burial site to examine its significance and learn more about the hieroglyphic inscriptions within.

Lumination Learning Lab Nefertari Journey To Eternity

Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza lesson plan takes students into the heart of one of Egypt’s great pyramids. This immersive journey allows students to explore the inside of the most famous pyramids in the world using HHVR and gives them the opportunity to make predictions as to what it may contain.

This lesson helps students connect with the captivating history of Eygpt and explore its influence on the civilisations that have been developed there.

Pompeii and Herculaneum

The Discover Pompeii and Herculaneum lesson plan takes students on a journey through the streets and archaeological sites of ancient Pompeii, which have been buried under volcanic ash for almost 1700 years.

From learning more about the daily lives of those that lived there to exploring public buildings and local culture, politics and religion, students gain unprecedented insight into these historic locations.

With a Lumination Learning Lab, your school will also gain access to lesson plans with more information about how these experiences can be used in your classroom to enhance the learning experience.

VR and AR technology gives students new and exciting experiences

What can they do?

Excursions aren’t just about observation; they’re about participating and experiencing as well. Let’s delve into the engaging activities available for students during their virtual adventures.

Partake in Cave Exploration and Creation

Students can explore caves of Turkey, students have the chance to create their own field sketches. In these sketches, they can label the different parts of caves and describe the processes involved in cave formation.

Experience Environmental Impact in Iceland

Students will get closer to one of the biggest issues of our times — the melting ice caps. Virtual reality technology helps them engage with this environmental impact in the European nation of Iceland.

Step Inside Van Gogh’s Paintings

Van Gogh’s work has had a huge influence on contemporary art, and this lesson plan enables students to truly explore his remarkable paintings in a fresh and exciting way. With virtual reality and augmented reality, students can also create their own pieces in the classroom, collaborating with one another in an exhilarating learning experience.

Lumination Learning Lab Vincent Van Gogh Vr Tribute

With a Lumination Learning Lab, your school will also gain access to lesson plans with more information about how these experiences can be used in your classroom to enhance the learning experience.

Explore a Lumination Learning Lab

We’ve briefly touched on how Lumination Learning Lab can provide virtual excursions for your students, but there’s plenty more to discover. Reach out to our team to book a demo and see this solution in action for yourself.


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