Simulated Training is Supporting the Workplace of Today and Tomorrow


Date: 21st Nov 2023

Immersive Technology Training in Action – The Benefits of Simulated Training for Industry

Today’s workplace is also a development space – somewhere employees can hone their skills and become better, more capable workers. While many employees will pick up skills on the job and from their peers, training is a major source for ongoing practical development.

Training staff in an industry space with immersive technology reduces costs leading to better bottom line outcomes. It also fulfils employees’ expectation for professional development and continuous learning, fostering a culture of learning that aligns with employees’ aspirations for career advancement, providing a pathway to growth within the organisation.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits of adopting simulated training, or immersive technology training, in the workplace to unlock a wealth of opportunities for your business and employees.

Realistic Training Scenarios and Total Immersion

Extended reality (XR) technology brings together augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions to put high-quality training materials within reach of you and your team. These AR and VR technologies deliver highly realistic training environments, building on real-world scenarios to give trainees an authentic, immersive learning experience.

Gone are the days of sitting in front of a screen, watching training videos and passively taking in the information. Simulated training experiences allow for trainees to fully engage with the training module, enhancing information retention and gaining skills that are directly transferable to real life. As well as being highly realistic, the Lumination Learning Lab delivers real-time feedback to trainees, assisting staff and employees to track development of actionable skills.

Luminationlearninglab Industrysimulation Immediate Feedback

Complete Safety in a Risk Free Environment

Workplace safety is always an important concern. Proper training is crucial to securing that safety, giving employees the skills they need to complete their tasks in the right way. But how do you make sure the training itself is conducted in a safe manner? XR technologies create risk free environments, where trainees can learn and develop with confidence without sacrificing the realism.

Training staff with immersive technology within the Lumination Learning Lab means businesses of all sizes can achieve safe and effective results. From retail and professional services to larger-scale industries like defence, mining and manufacturing, augmented and virtual reality training delivers the necessary skills needed without putting health and safety at risk, effectively mirroring working conditions in a safe environment.

Reduced Costs

High-quality training is an investment for any workplace and often it can be an expensive exercise. Simulated training, delivered in the Lumination Learning Lab, means everything is handled in one multi-use location, with simulated training exercises rather than physical equipment and materials. The result is reduced costs across the board, with no travel expenses and minimal material costs.

Luminationlearninglab Industrysimulation Secure Environment

High Flexibility and Adaptability

Simulated training is essentially whatever you want or need it to be. Experiences used on the XR technologies can be tailored to achieve specialised training needs, ensuring that all employees gain the specific skills and knowledge required to fulfil their roles. 

Achieve all of this within a single, bespoke space as you upskill your employees in a variety of ways via the Lumination Learning Lab, allowing all trainees to access the modules they need in a manner that suits them.

Comprehensive Data Analytics

Training is an ongoing process: employees gradually develop over time, adding more skills to their personal toolkit. The training programs develop too, evolving to better meet the needs of employees.

Through the use of simulated training, employers gain valuable data to support both processes. Capturing a diverse array of information essential for ensuring trainees are refining their skills and retaining information. User data includes performance metrics such as accuracy in task completion, the time taken for specific exercises, and the skill efficiency. This level of data allows for an understanding of each employee’s progress and areas that require further attention.

Moreover, user interaction data, including frequency of interactions and navigation patterns, provides knowledge on how individuals engage with the simulated environment.

See inside Oz Minerals Lumination Learning Lab

Immersive Technology Training – Changing How Employees Learn and Develop

Your business exists in the here and now, but it’s also looking to the future. With training platforms using XR technologies, you are taking care of both perspectives, giving your trainees the skills they need today while developing a robust and effective set of training plans for tomorrow.

Here at Lumination, we provide immersive training technology that achieves these core aims for your business. Take a look at our Lumination Learning Lab solutions for industry, book your demo, or reach out to our team to discover more.

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