What is Immersive Technology?

Author: Lumination

Date: 20th Oct 2022

Virtual and augmented reality are transforming the way we learn.

For educational and industry leaders eager to improve learning outcomes and upskill employees, immersive technologies enhance the learning experience.

Enabling users to develop the skills necessary for today’s workforce and the workforce of the future, there’s no better time than the present to get started. So, what is immersive technology?

What is Immersive Technology?

What is immersive technology?

Immersive technology enhances and interacts with the physical world around us. It allows users to blend or extend their reality, merging the physical world with a digital reality. Sometimes called XR or extended reality, the most common immersive technologies are:

  • Virtual reality: a three dimensional experience of simulated environments
  • Augmented reality: interaction with the real-world with digital information overlaid

Surrounding the user with the material they are learning, it is easier to hold their attention, create real-world connections and increase accessibility, catering to a variety of learning styles.

What is Immersive Technology?

Why the excitement over immersive technologies?

Immersive technologies are enablers, creating impactful experiences. Learning becomes more interactive, turning passive, chalk and talk based learning into active learning.

So instead of rote learning or being told what to learn, learners can now participate. They experience the content instead of just consuming it.

Digital literacy is a must-have skill in the workforce. Employers expect employees to come prepared with a nimble mindset and the ability to leverage collaborative workflow programs, a skill easily developed using immersive technology.

Immersive learning is proven to be four times more effective than traditional teaching methods, with learners 275% more confident to apply skills learned after training and nearly four times more emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners.

Users learn faster, retain more, make fewer mistakes and feel more confident executing tasks, improving student outcomes in education and saving employers time and money. Immersive learning also provides students new and exciting experiences with virtual excursions, proven to increase interest levels and provide learners with a more comprehensive and well-rounded approach to learning.

Students in Lumination Learning Lab wearing Headset

Creating collaborative learning experiences

Here at Lumination we offer the most effective way to learn, through experiences.

Lumination Learning Labs are the pinnacle of immersive learning providing collaborative immersive learning environments that deliver world class educational outcomes, accessible to all.

Improving learning outcomes, our Labs are automated, multi-purpose and immersive environments, offering effective collaborative learning experiences in the real and digital world.

Leadme Lumination Learning Lab

Connecting with the curriculum

We have been taking this educational blueprint and applying it across industry and enterprise. From an educational perspective, each curriculum learning area is taught in an immersive world:

  • In Science students become an astronaut aboard the International Space Station and experience what it is like to observe earth as part of the solar system. Orbiting around the earth, students discover how the laws of physics are used to describe and predict the motion of objects.
  • In Humanities and Social Sciences, students learn about climate change, sustainability and the importance of waste management. They create their own VR-prototypes and solutions and enter a world where they can put them to the test.
  • In History, students learn about the world’s landmarks by being transported out of the classroom to a Lancaster Bomber in WW2 to gain a deep understanding of geography, historical significance and mathematical and science concepts.
  • In the Arts, students grab their virtual paintbrush and create a masterpiece in 3D. They use a range of visual art techniques and collaborate with others as the creation comes to life on screen.
Take the first mover advantage

The schools we are working with are taking first mover advantage of this technology, getting access to our Learning Management System featuring a variety of resources and lesson plans. Our simple to use software and implementation means teachers can spend less time tech-ing and more time teaching. Setting their school and students up for success, they are increasing school accolades and rankings while transforming the classroom experience.

How can we help your school embrace immersive technology opportunities? See our immersive technology in action and contact us to visit our Labs in Sydney or Adelaide for a tour to find out more.

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